The Delta House Event and Bike Ride is over 10 years ago. However, it was only 5 years ago that bike rides were given to the residents.

While scanning these pictures taken 5 years ago at the first 'ride', I got goosebumps seeing the ageless faces of the residents. It would be difficult to picture how old the picture was by looking at the residents.... alas, can't say as much for the bikers.

Waiting for their turn...
Donna kept things rollin'...
Loading the sidecars seemed to require one more person then available for the bikers. The staff at Delta House did their share of lifting and giving advise to the lifters.
Jim Blowers ridin' Jackson's sidecar. Note no helmet on biker... however the residents wore the hard shells with pride. Jackson is the one wrestling the helmet on George. (at least I think it's George)
This time Ken does the honors of removing helmet... just wondering why the resident is holdin' on so tight... Oh, that's Jim at the throttle
Riding in the wind

Pictures from Jim Blowers private collection

Delta House Event will be held July 7 2001.... everyone is welcome... sidecars totally appreciated

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Jim Blowers email

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