Jackson Elementary School
Everett WA

Pictures belong to Lyle Swan

Jackson School Kindergarten 1947
Lyle Swan, number 9 2nd row
(left to right)

Jackson School 1st Grade 1947
Lynn Hicky, number 8 first row
Lyle Swan, number 10 2nd row
(left to right)

Jackson School 1952
Lyle Swan, number 1 last row
(left to right)

Second grade Whitman School, Wenatchee...tall boy in back row Larry Beaver. left to right.... as remembered by Elaine 4th Grade Monroe Grade School 1950-51 Mr Love, Principal; Miss Wood, teacher Gary Way, Gary Loth, died 2000 Larry Raines, Loren Bisson, John, Fred Rooker, Bert, Kent Hudson, Don Wall Carol Goldthorpe, Elaine Drosos, Carol Windsor, Donna Smith, Jacqueline Van Blezen, Mary Elaine Black, Nancy, Char-ell Bisson, Myrna Ross, Mary Pat Eckstrom David Hodges, died young, unknown, Alvin, Billie Clark, Ralph Kilborne, Larry Belser, Arnold, Bolm, Raymond, unknown Donna Hoffler, Janis, Barbara, Melissa Picoff, Jeannette Smith, Patsy Merer, Cheryl Paisley, Sharon Oak Lake School, Seattle WA 1947 Miss Bohn teacher, Mr. Harden Jane. 1st front row Jane Patten, 2 front row Sandra Paully, 3 front row Sidney, 6th front row Marie, 7 front row Mary Elaine Black, 4 third row John Smith, 4 back row While a 2nd grader he was killed by a car crossing Aurora Avenue. Accident witnessed by Elaine Black and Sharon Landon. He was on his way to buy paper dolls. Elaine's mother moved immediately after the accident Miss Bohn, 8 back row Monroe School 1951-52 Mrs Decard, teacher; Mr Love Principal unknown, Gary Loth, Jack Atkins, Merlin, unknown, Loren Bisson, Ralph, Gary Way, Billie Donna, unknown, Barbara, Mary Pat Eckstrom, unknown, Karen, Judy Lawrence David Hodges, unknown, Donny Wall, Larry, unknown, unknown Elaine Drosos, Char-ell Bisson, Carol Windsor, Rose Ann B., Mary Elaine Black, Myrna Ross, Jeannette Schroeder, father was minister of Bethel Temple in Everett Jackson School 1952 Lyle Swan 1 last row Jackson School 1st grade 1948 (change 46 to 48 Lynn Hicky, 8 first row Lyle Swan, 10 2nd row Jackson School kindergarten 1947 Lyle Swan, 9 2nd row