Aberdeen Washington

1934 Quinault

The 1934 Quinault was published by the associated students of WEATHERWAX HIGH SCHOOL, Aberdeen Washington. It was printed by Quick Print Co., Inc., and Engraved by Tacoma Engraving Co. The book contained 80 pages; 20 of which were primarily advertisement or jokes, I've included all advertisements with this presentation.

The book belonged to Gordon "Pickles" Heintz a graduating senior and senior class treasurer. It is filled with signatures, well wishes, and rememberances. It included a photocopy of a newspaper clipping calling for the 1934 class reunion. There were other articles, probably cards that had been removed and damaged done to the page.

Ideally there would be keywords (given and surnames of the students and faculty) for each page for the online index listings. Outside of the seniors, most of the students were only identified by their last names, so after creating keywords for each class page, I gave that up ... except for pages that gave full names. Please check all the activity pages, the students were very active and almost each page contains autographs ...

This book was scanned at 100 dpi... this won't give the best printed page but does allow for better clarity in reading the text. It was scanned by volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange, Marysville WA. The book is part of a FREE genealogy library that contains over 5200 yearbooks. This presentation and the scanned images are not to be duplicated without the express permission of the webmaster Exception is made for personal use of relatives pictures... (this is suppose to be FREE genealogy/history after all). Better pictures can be scanned...

3rd St. Book Exchange First Page

This book was scanned by 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St., Marysville WA. It is intended for Free Genealogy/History Research. All Rights Reserved. @ November 2001