High School Football Champs
Washington State
Seattle (Broadway) High School 1906, Seattle
Everett High School 1919, Everett
Everett High School 1920, Everett

In December 2004 I received a telephone call from a man in North Carolina who was researching High Schools that had earned the title of National High School Football Champs. According to this man... 3 High Schools from Washington State had earned that title (or had claimed they earned the title). Seattle High School 1906, Everett High School 1919 and Everett High School 1920.

I agreed to scan the yearbooks for those years and I placed them online so the researcher could view the source... I have little knowledge of who picked the teams and why some websites say Everett MA... instead of Everett WA... but... I'm just the gal who likes to put yearbooks online... Darilee

Seattle (Broadway) High School
1907 Sealth

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Team Roster 1906 Seattle High School

Mackey, Thayer, Pullen, Gillies, Presley, Floyd Galloway, Henry, Evans, Burke, McKay, Pike, Rossman, Westover, Gepner, Smith< Coyle (Capt), Jay Smith

Everett High School
1920 Nesika

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Team Roster 1919 Everett High School

Enoch Bagshaw, Coach, Thornson Sullivan, Carl Michel, Edward Ferry, Chalmer Walters, Vern Hickey, Edward Manning, George Wilson, Fred Westrom, Raynor Durand, Clarence Torgeson, Merle Dixon, Percy Lloyd, Ingomar Mohler, Roy Sievers, Leif Eid, Abe Wilson, Leslie Sherman, Glenn Carlson, Victor Lee, Ray Witham

Everett High School
1921 Nesika

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Team Roster 1920 Everett High School

Coach Enoch Bagshaw, Reynolds Burand, Chalmer Walters, Leslie Sherman, Carl Michel, Roy Sievers, Harold Britt, Fred Westrom, George Wilson, Glenn Carlson, Ray Witham, Walter Morgan, Clarence Torgeson, Arthur Ingham, Merle Dixon, Edward Manning, George Guttormson