Quil Ceda 1936
Marysville High School
Marysville Washington

Marion Leifer, Editor

Marysville Washington

In 1935 fifty-seven Seniors graduated to a nautical theme. Baseball was once again an organized sport in the high schools of Snohomish County and in football Marysville was named Snohomish County Champions for the second consecutive year. (Hay, that's what the book says)

Book belonged Britt Dudek, a Senior. His graduation program was glued to inside cover and I included it in presentation. The book also has tradional quotes and signatures to the group photos.

The index is for faculty, senior portraits and officer portraits. Students were not identified in group photos however many of them did sign the book.

The Book



Index of just the Senior portraits, class officers, and faculty. The rest of the book is not indexed.

Jack Ackerman 36 Junior     Daryl Gallaugher 36 Senior     Morley 36 Senior
Bonnie Alexander 36 Senior     Glenn Gonhue 36 Senior     Mozzell 36 Senior
Emery Anderson 36 Junior     Leroy Gonhue 36 Senior     Newton 36 Senior
Erling Anderson 36 Senior     Lester Gresli 36 Senior     Oril 36 Senior
Erling Anderson 36 Senior     Margaret Gresli 36 Junior     Owens 36 Senior
Babe Armistead 36 Sophomore     Carl Hanson 36 Senior     Peterson 36 Senior
Alfred Baker 36 Senior     Burdett Hill 36 Senior     Petty 36 Senior
Alfred Baker 36 Faculty     Jeffery Hilton 36 Board     Philipps 36 Faculty
Jack Beaman 36 Senior     Wheller Hinkle, Jr. 36 Senior     Phillips 36 Senior
Grace Bierman 36 Senior     Edith Holman 36 Senior     Pringle 36 Senior
Laura Boeshar 36 Faculty     Harriet Houser 36 Senior     Raven 36 Faculty
Alice Brown 36 Senior     Gordon Hovik 36 Senior     Richardson 36 Senior
Alice Brown 36 Senior     Maurice Hovik 36 Senior     Rounds 36 Faculty
Ruth Buttler 36 Faculty     Celia Hunter 36 Senior     Rowley 36 Sophomore
Russel Cameron 36 Senior     Charlotte Jensen 36 Senior     Scott 36 Freshmen
Adell Carlson 36 Senior     Leola Johnson 36 Senior     Scott 36 Senior
Elmer Chambers 36 Senior     Edith Jorgensen 36 Senior     Sharpe 36 Senior
Elsie Currier 36 Sophomore     Esther Jorgensen 36 Senior     Smith 36 Senior
William Dahlheimer, Jr. 36 Senior     Lyle Kenny 36 Freshmen     Smith 36 Senior
Aurea Daigle 36 Senior     Joanne Kerns 36 Faculty     Stearns 36 Faculty
Lester Danner 36 Senior     James Kingshott 36 Senior     Stearns 36 Faculty
John Dixon 36 Faculty     Ferinand Kramer 36 Faculty     Stuestall 36 Senior
Britt Dudek 36 Senior     Adolph Lindquist 36 Faculty     Sweeney 36 Sophomore
Mildred Edlund 36 Senior     Marguerite Lund 36 Senior     Sweeney 36 Senior
Ann Elliot 36 Faculty     Marvin Magee 36 Senior     Sweum 36 Senior
Everett Elzea 36 Board     Lorene Marken 36 Senior     Tollefson 36 Senior
Frances Eyelander 36 Senior     Gail Marshall 36 Board     Van Meter 36 Senior
Jeanette Falkner 36 Senior     Evelyn McCarthy 36 Senior     Wilson 36 Senior
Alice Felleps 36 Freshmen     Evelyn McCarthy 36 Senior     Witscher 36 Senior
Donald Foxe 36 Junior     Lis Mcorman 36 Senior     Ylvisaker 36 Faculty

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