Marysville, Washington

Jean Hoskin, the editor of the Marysville High School 1940 yearbook, took a different approach with her presentation. She used cursive handwriting to do a Diary narritive.

The actual yearbook pictures are a bit washed out and therefore the images of this presentation are also washed out. I tried to use more contrast but....

It was scanned by volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange, Marysville WA.






Arvid Andersen Senior     James Hovik Senior     Opal Peterson Senior
Elmer Anderson Senior     Glen Hunter Senior     Irene Phelps Senior
Eleanor Archibald Senior     Peter Hylback Senior     Archie Plont Senior
Bradley Bartlett Senior     Florence Johnson Senior     Patricia Puckett Senior
Bertice Black Senior     Phyllis Johnson Senior     Marguerite Rainwater Senior
Robert Blackmore Senior     ronald S. Johnson Senior     Irene Rasmussen Senior
Gary Bloom Senior     Robert Keltanen Memoriam     Mary Rasmussen Senior
Laura Boeshar Faculty     Helen King Senior     Robert Raven Admin.
Roscoe Bowman Senior     Eldon Kinney Senior     Eugene Regan Senior
Bob Button Senior     Richard Lamb Senior     Earl Renecker Senior
Bernard Campbell Senior     Courtney Lamm Senior     Bernard Robertson Senior
Bette Campbell Senior     Dorothy Lamparter Senior     W. F. Rounds Faculty
Betty Jeanne Carr Senior     Gale Leifer Senior     Frank Sanner Senior
Verne Clark Senior     Mary Lewid Senior     charles Sisty Senior
Loie Jane Cruver Senior     Howard Lozeau Senior     Margaret Smith Faculty
Louise curtin Senior     Virginia Luther Faculty     Otto Smith Faculty
Robert Davidson Senior     Marion Matson Senior     Ben Sprague Senior
Virginia Davis Memoriam     J. E. McEacherson Faculty     Helen Stanton Senior
Kenneth Dinsmore Senior     Mary Merner Senior     Barbara Stewart Senior
Leo F. Donate Faculty     George Migchelbrink Senior     Betty Stiles Senior
Leo Donati Faculty     Llewellyn Morse Senior     Violet Stone Senior
Inez Driscoll Faculty     Aileen Nelson Senior     Walter Storseth Senior
Charlotte Earlywine Faculty     Eileen Nelson Senior     Lloyd Stustall Senior
Ann Elliott Faculty     Josephine Nelson Senior     Bernice Sullivan Senior
Bill Erickson Senior     Mildred Nelson Senior     Clarence Thue Faculty
Russell Foxe Senior     Leonard Nielson Senior     alice Tollefson Senior
Paul Girven Senior     John Norby Faculty     Irene Torie Senior
Geraldine Gonhue Senior     Gordon Norman Senior     Mary Trumbull Faculty
Joseph Harvey Senior     Frances Novak Senior     Merton Turk Senior
Maxine Hawley Senior     Marie Nyman Senior     Kenneth Upton Senior
Arthur Hendrickson Senior     Buford O'Dell Senior     Myrtle Wells Senior
Louis Heytvelt Faculty     Albertina Orchinski Faculty     Robert Wells Senior
Bette Hilton Senior     Herman Otter Senior     Herrett Wilson Senior
Jean Hoskin Senior     Don Parker Senior     William Woods Senior
Mary Houser Senior     Margaret Pearson Senior    

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This book was scanned by 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St., Marysville WA. It is intended for Free Genealogy/History Research. All Rights Reserved. @ August 2015