Quil Ceda 1942
Marysville High School
Marysville Washington

Dorris Latta, Editor

Marysville Washington

Marysville Washington was still a small dot on Old Highway 99. North of Seattle and separated from Everett by marshland and river deltas. Lumber mills and farming supported the hearty families... most of whom still have descendants living locally.

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Index of just the Senior portraits, Class group pictures, and faculty. The rest of the book is not indexed.

Walter Adams Sophomore     Evelyn Griffiths Senior     Donald Nilsson Sophomore
Jim Alford Sophomore     Minor Gross Sophomore     Lorraine Nilsson Senior
Fred Allen Senior     Ernest Guetlin Senior     John Norby Faculty
Mervin Allen Junior     Lila Gwinn Sophomore     Peggy Novak Sophomore
Pearl Amundson Senior     Doris Haaland Senior     Claude Nyblod Sophomore
Ross Anderson Senior     Erma Halstead Junior     Fred Nystrom Junior
Norman Anderson Junior     Roland Halstrom Faculty     Vanna O'Dell Junior
Stanley Anderson Junior     Naida Hammerly Junior     Lorraine Olsen Sophomore
Norman Charles Anderson Junior     Evelyn Hansey Junior     Lois Olson Junior
Detty Anderson Junior     Orville Hansey Senior     Olga Olson Junior
Kenneth Anderson Sophomore     Edward Harrington Sophomore     Dale Olson Sophomore
Richard Anderson Sophomore     Bob Hashu Sophomore     Wallace Osgood Sophomore
Ann Archibald Senior     Chirley Hatch Sophomore     Anna Otter Junior
Howard Bacon Senior     Ralph Haugen Junior     Mary Ellen Palm Senior
Barbara Bacon Sophomore     Raymond Heath Faculty     Jack Parker Junior
Frances Bannister Sophomore     Don Hendrickson Senior     Phyllis Parks Sophomore
Shirley Bartholomew Junior     Alma Hixson Senior     Norman Penny Sophomore
Ione Bartholomew Sophomore     Alice Hoidal Junior     Walter Peterson Senior
Richard Bartlett Senior     Shirley Hots Senior     Gordon Phillips Senior
Neil Bartlett Sophomore     Sylvan Hots Senior     Ernest Phillips Senior
Virgil Baxter Senior     Duane Hots Senior     Wanda Pike Sophomore
Robert Beck Sophomore     Beverly Hotts Senior     Warren Quest Junior
Dorothy Belleson Junior     Loretta Houk Junior     Bob Rasmussen Junior
Betty Jane Benham Sophomore     Elinor Hovik Senior     Pete Rassmussen Junior
Billy Benham Sophomore     Dean Howell Junior     Robert Raven Senior
Norma Mae Benson Sophomore     LeRoy Husby Junior     Robert S. Raven Superintendent
Don Benthin Sophomore     Erling Hylback Junior     Lorrayne Ravine Senior
Joyce Bingham Sophomore     John Hylback Junior     Darroll Ravine Sophomore
Helen Blackmore Senior     Harold Ibsen Sophomore     Earl Reed Sophomore
Louise Blair Sophomore     Vontelle Isaacs Junior     Donald Regan Senior
Vernon Blocker Junior     Bob Iverson Junior     Blanche Rensink Sophomore
Laura Boeshar Faculty     Gloria Jensen Senior     Margaret Richards Senior
Yvonne Boucher Sophomore     Bill Johnson Junior     June. Robertson Junior
Alyce Brentzen Junior     George Jones Sophomore     W. T. Rounds Faculty
Ronald Bull Sophomore     Ruth Jorgensen Senior     Ellen Sanner Senior
Robert burchard Senior     Clarence Jorgensen Senior     Robert Saunders Senior
James Campbell Senior     Shirley Kahlor Sophomore     LeRoy Schuh Faculty
Geraldine Campbell Sophomore     Kenneth Kanikeberg Senior     Evelyn Seibert Senior
Georgina Campbell Sophomore     Joe Keokuk Sophomore     Bernice Sharich Senior
Eileen Carlson Junior     Carol Ketelle Senior     Cliff Sheets Sophomore
Mary Carmen Junior     Millie Kingshott Senior     Melvin Sheldon Senior
Dorothy Carpenter Sophomore     Melvin Kinney Senior     Rose Sheldon Junior
Clinton Carr Sophomore     Jim Kirkpatrick Sophomore     Paul Shorrock Faculty
Jack Cave Senior     Richard Koplitz Sophomore     Lela Signer Junior
Melvin CHarlson Senior     Marian Koplitz Senior     Mildred Simmons Faculty
H. L. Clark Principal     LaVerne Lamparter Sophomore     Beverly Sjoquist Junior
Phillip Collins Sophomore     Dorris Latta Senior     Kenneth Smith Junior
Thayne Connell Sophomore     Martha Lechner Sophomore     Charles Smith Sophomore
Alsie Cotter Junior     Wilfred Lee Sophomore     Marvin Smith Sophomore
Morrie Cox Sophomore     Roland Leishman Senior     Otto Smith Faculty
William Dahlheimer Faculty     Mary Lemon Sophomore     Phillip Sprague Junior
Gene Daily Junior     Ernest Lindberg Sophomore     Vivian Stanton Senior
Zeta Mae Dalton Junior     Lloyd Lingel Sophomore     Ruth Steenbergen Faculty
Loren Davenport Junior     Joe Litehiser Junior     Charles Stewart Junior
Evelyn Dean Senior     Marion Littlefield Junior     Robert Stock Senior
Hattie Dellwing Sophomore     Lydinne Loreau Junior     Lillian Stone Senior
Barbara doan Junior     Edythe Lozeau Junior     Thelma Stormo Junior
Maxine Dohner Senior     Frances Lumsden Junior     Margaret Terry Senior
Dillon Donaldson Sophomore     Gene Lundsteadt Junior     Blache Thoresen Sophomore
Leo Donati Faculty     Bernice Lutkens Sophomore     Clarence Thue Faculty
Lona Downing Senior     Bess Malberg Senior     Claire Tollefson Sophomore
Shirley Downing Junior     Gloria Maltais Senior     Norme Torie Junior
Dale Duball Senior     Eleanor Marshall Senior     Nellie Van Dyke Senior
Chuck Dykstra Junior     Charles Marso Junior     Marjorie Ward Junior
Charlotte Earlywine Faculty     Edna McAvoy Junior     Marvin Weed Senior
Nettie Eastman Junior     Arthur McGrew Sophomore     Bill Weed Junior
Nancy Ebert Sophomore     Robert McIntosh Senior     Everett Weeks Sophomore
Willard Ekman Junior     Kathryn McIntyre Sophomore     William Wells Senior
Ann Elliott Faculty     Norman McLeod Sophomore     Bob Wells Junior
Robert Erickson Senior     Betty Merner Senior     Barbara Wells Sophomore
David Erickson Junior     Johnny Meyer Junior     Vivian Westlund Senior
Bob Erickson Junior     Anna Migchelbrink Senior     Ann Westlund Junior
Lloyd Fitch Senior     George Morrison Senior     Bob Wetzel Sophomore
Orville Forrest Sophomore     Robert Morrison Senior     William White Jr. Senior
Dick Forslund Junior     Stanley Moulton Junior     Ruby Wicks Junior
Harold Foxe Sophomore     Pearl Mower Senior     Shirley Wiester Senior
Beverly Franzen Senior     Arnold Nasi Senior     Joe Wilder Junior
Inez Friscoll Faculty     Bob Nelson Junior     Steve Williams Sophomore
Jean Furgeson Junior     Norman Nelson Junior     George Williams Sophomore
Arlene George Sophomore     Tommy Nelson Sophomore     Warren Wilson Senior
Bertha Glandon Sophomore     Shirley Nelson Sophomore     Howard Wright Senior
Tommy Gobin Junior     Vivian Nelson Senior     John Wright Junior
Malcolm Gottschalk Senior     Hal Nichols Sophomore     Kenneth Yandel Sophomore
Dick Greaves Sophomore    

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