OIEN Family Reunion 1996 with Update 2009

I'm leaving for a trip to Washington DC but the events of the past week makes it important to remember Family.

Louis Oien and Teresa McClean Oien
Marcella Oien Cordray.

This is the Presentation I made at the family reunion in 1996. After the Reunion I came home and added all the notes I took. The story of Lorene running for the drawer with all the pennies in it. And Ione's memories of Camano Island are two items I still fondly remember. I can only go by memories now. Computers are wonderful and computers do crash.

Willard "Bill" Oien

Marilynne compiled the histories of both her father, Bill Oien but also of Grandma Teresa Oien. When she heard I was putting my recollections online she mailed her copies of her records. Which I scanned in a big hurry and threw up online.

Teresa Ann McClean Oien, her own biography

Compiled by Marilynne Oien Monrad