Broadway High School 1945
Seattle WA

Seattle High School, one of Seattle's oldest high schools, opened in 1902. Seven years later its name was changed to Broadway High School (reflecting its Broadway Address on Capital Hill). It closed and the site eventually became Seattle Community College. The old auditorium remains at Broadway and Pine.

The 1945 Sealth was published by the Students of Broadway High School, Seattle WA.

The owner of the Book was Miss Beverly Benecke, A Sophomore. Obviously she was very popular as this book is well autographed.

The hardcovered book is 8 by 11 inches and just over 127 pages with no advertisers.

The book has been copied to cd at 300 dpi and then resized and compressed to am approx. 100 dpi jpg format. The current presentation does not make printable pages... we are willing to make printable pages available... Contact us bookstorelady for individual copies... We do hope to make this presentation eventually for sale

Below are links to the pages AND an every person index ... However the school activities are many and NOT indexed so I encourage you to look through the book...

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INDEX to 1945 Sealth

Luvern Aarhus page 40 Juniors/1945
Karl Aboltin page 84 Alumni/military
Brock Adams page 85 Alumni/military
Jay Adams page 84 Alumni/military
Anne Adams page 26 Seniors/1945
Barbara Adler page 26 Seniors/1945
Carry Adler page 50 Sophomore/1945
Kermits Aiskog page 85 Alumni/military
Harold Alder page 84 Alumni/military
Grace Alexander page 40 Juniors/1945
Wendell Alexander page 50 Sophomore/1945
Harold Alldred page 50 Sophomore/1945
Jack Allen page 40 Juniors/1945
Joan Allen page 40 Juniors/1945
Marjorie Allen page 40 Juniors/1945
Eugenia Allen page 26 Seniors/1945
Margaret Allen page 26 Seniors/1945
Marjorie Ames page 40 Juniors/1945
Gabriel Amira page 84 Alumni/military
R. E. Anderson page 85 Alumni/military
Charles Anderson page 40 Juniors/1945
Paul Anderson page 40 Juniors/1945
Joe Ann Anderson page 26 Seniors/1945
Lillian Anderson page 26 Seniors/1945
James Anderson page 50 Sophomore/1945
Karl Anderson page 50 Sophomore/1945
Honrer Angel page 62 Freshmen/1945
Irene Angel page 62 Freshmen/1945
Danny Anthes page 50 Sophomore/1945
Marie Aquino page 62 Freshmen/1945
John Armeau page 62 Freshmen/1945
Vern Arnold page 84 Alumni/military
Ernie Arnold page 50 Sophomore/1945
Jim Ashton page 62 Freshmen/1945
Betty Ayers page 62 Freshmen/1945
Frank Bacon page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Badcon page 40 Juniors/1945
Millicent Baker page 62 Freshmen/1945
Annette Baker page 40 Juniors/1945
Mary Pat Baker page 40 Juniors/1945
Bill Baker page 26 Seniors/1945
Ken Baker page 50 Sophomore/1945
Bruce Baldus page 50 Sophomore/1945
Mrs. Baldus page 13 Faculty/1945
Mrs. Baldus page 15 Faculty/1945
Honore Baldwin page 84 Alumni/military
John Baldwin page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Bankhead page 17 Faculty/1945
Herbert Bannerman page 84 Alumni/military
Milton Barash page 85 Alumni/military
Warren Barde page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Bardwell page 50 Sophomore/1945
Beverly Bario page 51 Sophomore/1945
Jim Barley page 50 Sophomore/1945
Howard Barnes page 84 Alumni/military
Charleen Barnes page 50 Sophomore/1945
Donald Barnhart page 85 Alumni/military
Jim Barrett page 50 Sophomore/1945
Mary Ann Barry page 50 Sophomore/1945
Miss Battey page 15 Faculty/1945
Sebastian Baumgartner page 84 Alumni/military
Donald Beach page 84 Alumni/military
Francis Bean page 85 Alumni/military
Douglas Beardsley page 40 Juniors/1945
Kenneth Beck page 84 Alumni/military
Eloise Bekken page 26 Seniors/1945
Jim Bell page 85 Alumni/military
Walsh Bell page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Bell page 13 Faculty/1945
Jim Bellamy page 50 Sophomore/1945
Bruce Benecke page 85 Alumni/military
Beverly Benecke page 50 Sophomore/1945
Chester Bennett page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Bennett page 84 Alumni/military
Theodore C. Bennett page 26 Seniors/1945
Richard Bennett page 50 Sophomore/1945
Miss Bennett page 14 Faculty/1945
Carol Benson page 26 Seniors/1945
Eileen Benton page 50 Sophomore/1945
Arthur Berg page 85 Alumni/military
Jay Berkman page 85 Alumni/military
Ed Berlandi page 85 Alumni/military
Beverly Bertach page 62 Freshmen/1945
Betty Bertsch page 62 Freshmen/1945
John Biggin page 26 Seniors/1945
Jim Blair page 26 Seniors/1945
Arthur Bloom page 50 Sophomore/1945
James Bloomfield page 84 Alumni/military
Nancy Blume page 40 Juniors/1945
Robert Boardway page 40 Juniors/1945
Jeanne Bodle page 40 Juniors/1945
Darrold Bolton page 26 Seniors/1945
Frank Bonley page 59 Sophomore/1945
Samuel Boren page 85 Alumni/military
Bernice Born page 62 Freshmen/1945
Guy Boswell page 85 Alumni/military
Shirley Bosworth page 50 Sophomore/1945
Graham Boulton page 85 Alumni/military
Charles Bowden page 40 Juniors/1945
Jean Bowen page 62 Freshmen/1945
Louis Boyle page 85 Alumni/military
Delores Brand page 26 Seniors/1945
Alfred Brandstrom page 84 Alumni/military
James Brandt page 85 Alumni/military
Eva Rae Branton page 40 Juniors/1945
Martin Brasham page 26 Seniors/1945
Edward Brehm page 84 Alumni/military
Lawrence Brennamen page 84 Alumni/military
Charley Bridges page 85 Alumni/military
Clayton Brightenstein page 84 Alumni/military
Joy Brimmer page 50 Sophomore/1945
Donald Brislawn page 85 Alumni/military
John Broad page 85 Alumni/military
Joyce Brockman page 26 Seniors/1945
Bruce Broke page 26 Seniors/1945
Betty Bronson page 51 Sophomore/1945
Colleen Brooks page 51 Sophomore/1945
Morrison Broome page 84 Alumni/military
David Brougham page 26 Seniors/1945
Chet Brown page 85 Alumni/military
Doug Brown page 85 Alumni/military
Francis G. Brown page 84 Alumni/military
Monte Brown page 85 Alumni/military
Arlene Brown page 62 Freshmen/1945
Audrey Brown page 40 Juniors/1945
Pat Brown page 40 Juniors/1945
Sabine Brown page 40 Juniors/1945
Lily Jean Brown page 37 Senior/1945
Robert Bruce page 40 Juniors/1945
Dorothy Bruce page 51 Sophomore/1945
Robert Brunner page 85 Alumni/military
Arthur Bruno page 62 Freshmen/1945
Bob Brusett page 62 Freshmen/1945
Kenneth Bryant page 84 Alumni/military
Almar Buckner page 85 Alumni/military
Gordon Budke page 40 Juniors/1945
Wally Buoke page 84 Alumni/military
Lois Burke page 51 Sophomore/1945
Joan Burleson page 40 Juniors/1945
Philip Burnes page 84 Alumni/military
John Burns page 85 Alumni/military
Jack Burrell page 85 Alumni/military
Shirley Burton page 62 Freshmen/1945
Leslie Burton page 51 Sophomore/1945
George Bushey page 85 Alumni/military
Lee Bushkin page 51 Sophomore/1945
David Bushnell page 85 Alumni/military
Jack Butler page 51 Sophomore/1945
Merritt Buxbaum page 84 Alumni/military
Joel Buxbaum page 51 Sophomore/1945
Bob Byhre page 85 Alumni/military
Bob Byhre page 27 Seniors/1945
Glenda Calvin page 62 Freshmen/1945
Joanne Campion page 40 Juniors/1945
Jim Campo page 62 Freshmen/1945
Frank Canley page 27 Seniors/1945
Bill Caplinger page 62 Freshmen/1945
Jack Carbis page 85 Alumni/military
Stanley Cargo page 85 Alumni/military
Rodney Carlson page 41 Juniors/1945
Ruth Marie Carlson page 27 Seniors/1945
Marvelle Carlton page 40 Juniors/1945
Maribeth Carr page 62 Freshmen/1945
Jack Carr page 51 Sophomore/1945
Jim Carson page 41 Juniors/1945
Doug Carter page 41 Juniors/1945
Sue Carter page 51 Sophomore/1945
Dolores Cartun page 51 Sophomore/1945
Don Casey page 85 Alumni/military
Nancy Cassady page 51 Sophomore/1945
Eugene J. Cerino page 27 Seniors/1945
E. E. Chapin page 84 Alumni/military
Donn Charnley page 27 Seniors/1945
Thomas Charoujas page 85 Alumni/military
Gus Charoukus page 41 Juniors/1945
Norma Charron page 41 Juniors/1945
O. L. Chenoweth page 62 Freshmen/1945
Madelyn Chieco page 51 Sophomore/1945
Ruby Chinn page 41 Juniors/1945
Howard Chinn page 27 Seniors/1945
Nancy Chinn page 27 Seniors/1945
Yick Chinn page 51 Sophomore/1945
Mr. Christenson page 13 Faculty/1945
Delysia Christian page 27 Seniors/1945
Lyle Christianson page 27 Seniors/1945
Douglas Christie page 85 Alumni/military
Eleanor Christie page 41 Juniors/1945
Louis Chubb page 85 Alumni/military
Gail Claggett page 41 Juniors/1945
Joyce Clare page 41 Juniors/1945
Charles W. Clark page 84 Alumni/military
Cortlandt Clark page 85 Alumni/military
Don Clark page 85 Alumni/military
Dick Clark page 62 Freshmen/1945
Carl Clark page 27 Seniors/1945
Frank J. Clark page 3 Vice Principal/1945
Carol Clements page 63 Freshmen/1945
Mary Jo Cleveland page 41 Juniors/1945
Roy Cline page 85 Alumni/military
Jim Clonts page 63 Freshmen/1945
Wally Coburn page 84 Alumni/military
Vivian Cochran page 27 Seniors/1945
Ennis Code page 41 Juniors/1945
Beverly Coghlan page 41 Juniors/1945
George Cohen page 27 Seniors/1945
Rhoda Mae Cohn page 27 Seniors/1945
Marcella Cole page 63 Freshmen/1945
Evelyn Collins page 63 Freshmen/1945
Bol Colwell page 85 Alumni/military
Myrna Commet page 52 Sophomore/1945
Alma Conner page 41 Juniors/1945
Miss Connors page 15 Faculty/1945
Mr. Cook page 19 Faculty/1945
Felix Cooper page 85 Alumni/military
Joe Cooper page 63 Freshmen/1945
Betty Cooper page 41 Juniors/1945
Margaret Copeland page 63 Freshmen/1945
Frances Copeland page 41 Juniors/1945
Joe Cowley page 84 Alumni/military
Dave Coy page 85 Alumni/military
Don Coy page 85 Alumni/military
Catherine Coyle page 41 Juniors/1945
Bill Crawford page 27 Seniors/1945
Don Croshaw page 41 Juniors/1945
Marian Cross page 51 Sophomore/1945
James Crowder page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Crowe page 41 Juniors/1945
Pat Cunningham page 63 Freshmen/1945
Anita Cunningham page 27 Seniors/1945
Betty Dahl page 41 Juniors/1945
Ed Daley page 85 Alumni/military
Jack Danby page 84 Alumni/military
Maurice Danby page 84 Alumni/military
Norma Danby page 41 Juniors/1945
Walter Danilchick page 85 Alumni/military
Alan Davenport page 63 Freshmen/1945
Pat Davies page 27 Seniors/1945
Betty Joe Davis page 41 Juniors/1945
Geraldine Dawson page 51 Sophomore/1945
Neil Day page 27 Seniors/1945
Glenita Deamer page 51 Sophomore/1945
Bill DeBore page 85 Alumni/military
Virginia Dell page 41 Juniors/1945
Grace Delto page 51 Sophomore/1945
Stella Denney page 41 Juniors/1945
Lorraine Dennison page 27 Seniors/1945
Lorne Denton page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Denton page 51 Sophomore/1945
Mr. DeTourville page 17 Faculty/1945
Jamie Dexter page 85 Alumni/military
Don Deyoe page 63 Freshmen/1945
Glenn Dickinson page 85 Alumni/military
Quintin Dickinson page 84 Alumni/military
G. H. Dickson page 28 Seniors/1945
Charles Dines page 85 Alumni/military
Bob Dines page 28 Seniors/1945
Bob Dinsmore page 84 Alumni/military
Mr. Dishnow page 16 Faculty/1945
Charles Dissel page 41 Juniors/1945
Gifford Dolby page 84 Alumni/military
Pegg Donald page 84 Alumni/military
Jennie Dong page 42 Juniors/1945
Jessie Dong page 28 Seniors/1945
John Doran page 85 Alumni/military
Don Doran page 42 Juniors/1945
John Dore page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Dorwant page 85 Alumni/military
James Dougan page 85 Alumni/military
Norman Dow page 42 Juniors/1945
Ted Downs page 84 Alumni/military
Carolyn Doyle page 85 Alumni/military
Diana Doyle page 63 Freshmen/1945
Marie Driano page 52 Sophomore/1945
Nickolas Dubich page 52 Sophomore/1945
Helen Dubick page 51 Sophomore/1945
Doug Ducklous page 42 Juniors/1945
David Duggy page 84 Alumni/military
Kenneth Duncan page 85 Alumni/military
James Dunford page 84 Alumni/military
Les Dunmire page 63 Freshmen/1945
John Dunstan page 85 Alumni/military
Jim Dunstan page 52 Sophomore/1945
David Dunton page 84 Alumni/military
Mary Durant page 52 Sophomore/1945
Patty Dutina page 51 Sophomore/1945
Mr. Dwan page 13 Faculty/1945
Fred Dyer page 85 Alumni/military
Shirley Dyer page 28 Seniors/1945
Sidney Earle page 85 Alumni/military
Beau Eaton page 63 Freshmen/1945
David Edder page 51 Sophomore/1945
Phil Eder page 28 Seniors/1945
Evelyn Edleman page 28 Seniors/1945
Ann Egeland page 42 Juniors/1945
John Eicher page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Eichholzer page 17 Faculty/1945
John Eliason page 52 Sophomore/1945
Calvin Ellison page 52 Sophomore/1945
Don Elmore page 85 Alumni/military
A. J. Elwell page 85 Alumni/military
Benjamin Eng page 84 Alumni/military
Alice Eng page 42 Juniors/1945
Beverlee Engel page 52 Sophomore/1945
Wallace Engstrom page 85 Alumni/military
Don Erickson page 52 Sophomore/1945
June Erickson page 52 Sophomore/1945
Jo Anne Erminger page 63 Freshmen/1945
Roy Eustice page 63 Freshmen/1945
Phil Evans page 84 Alumni/military
Tom Evans page 84 Alumni/military
Gloria Evans page 63 Freshmen/1945
Harriet Ewing page 42 Juniors/1945
Evelyn Exendale page 62 Freshmen/1945
Margie Farver page 52 Sophomore/1945
Hugh FErguson page 84 Alumni/military
Howard Findley page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Finley page 85 Alumni/military
Bud Fisher page 85 Alumni/military
Eddie Fisher page 52 Sophomore/1945
John Fitzgerald page 85 Alumni/military
D. L. Fitzpatrick page 85 Alumni/military
George Flack page 85 Alumni/military
Barbara Flack page 63 Freshmen/1945
Earl Fleehart page 52 Sophomore/1945
Gloria Flotre page 42 Juniors/1945
Bill Fluhart page 42 Juniors/1945
Tom Flynn page 85 Alumni/military
Reva Follmer page 28 Seniors/1945
Miss Foote page 15 Faculty/1945
Reavis Ford page 84 Alumni/military
Patricia Forde page 63 Freshmen/1945
Doug Foster page 85 Alumni/military
Doug Foster page 28 Seniors/1945
Richard Francisco page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Frank page 52 Sophomore/1945
Forrest Franklin page 84 Alumni/military
Douglas Fraser page 52 Sophomore/1945
Tony Frederick page 28 Seniors/1945
George Freeman page 84 Alumni/military
James Frey page 84 Alumni/military
Edsel Fromback page 84 Alumni/military
Henry Fuhrman page 28 Seniors/1945
Frederick Furth page 84 Alumni/military
Mary Jo Gall page 63 Freshmen/1945
Dick Gardner page 42 Juniors/1945
James Garrett page 84 Alumni/military
Sally Garrison page 63 Freshmen/1945
Tom Gates page 85 Alumni/military
Duane Gehlhoff page 28 Seniors/1945
John Gerber page 63 Freshmen/1945
Frank Gill page 85 Alumni/military
George Gilmore page 84 Alumni/military
Barbara Gilroy page 28 Seniors/1945
Don Gilson page 42 Juniors/1945
Albert Glencross page 52 Sophomore/1945
Lois Gold page 52 Sophomore/1945
Dolores Golden page 52 Sophomore/1945
J. Harry Goldie page 85 Alumni/military
Vernon Gongia page 52 Sophomore/1945
Jeanne Gosha page 28 Seniors/1945
Burton Gottstein page 84 Alumni/military
Betty Grace page 28 Seniors/1945
George Grader page 29 Seniors/1945
Dorla Graff page 52 Sophomore/1945
Joan Grant page 52 Sophomore/1945
Donald Gratiss page 84 Alumni/military
Mike Gray page 85 Alumni/military
Mike T. Gray page 84 Alumni/military
Marion Gray page 63 Freshmen/1945
Sally Greenleaf page 64 Freshmen/1945
Carrol Greenlove page 42 Juniors/1945
Elwood Greenslade page 84 Alumni/military
Eugene Greenway page 63 Freshmen/1945
Patricia Grupe page 42 Juniors/1945
Mary Guddard page 52 Sophomore/1945
George Gumly page 29 Seniors/1945
Joe Gunderson page 42 Juniors/1945
Ed Guthman page 84 Alumni/military
Willard Haams page 84 Alumni/military
Neale Haig page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Halpern page 29 Seniors/1945
Joe Hamanoka page 85 Alumni/military
Peter Hamilton page 84 Alumni/military
Wilson Hamilton page 85 Alumni/military
Earl Hamilton page 64 Freshmen/1945
Dorothy Hamilton page 29 Seniors/1945
Larry Hamlin page 42 Juniors/1945
Edgar Hammer page 53 Sophomore/1945
Bob Hammond page 84 Alumni/military
John Hancock page 85 Alumni/military
Arlene Hancock page 53 Sophomore/1945
Al Hanke page 64 Freshmen/1945
Gale Hanke page 53 Sophomore/1945
Jeanne Hanke page 53 Sophomore/1945
Kathleen Hansen page 29 Seniors/1945
Bill Hansle page 85 Alumni/military
Fred Hanson page 85 Alumni/military
Miss Hanson page 15 Faculty/1945
Russell Hanson page 85 Alumni/military
Marlys Haralson page 29 Seniors/1945
David Harlowe page 84 Alumni/military
Dave Hart page 85 Alumni/military
Don Hart page 29 Seniors/1945
Ken Hart page 29 Seniors/1945
Arthur Hart page 53 Sophomore/1945
William Hartman page 84 Alumni/military
Grete Haslund page 53 Sophomore/1945
Edward Hasselblad page 7 Boys' Club Advisor
Milton Hatling page 53 Sophomore/1945
Doris Haugen page 29 Seniors/1945
Richard Havill page 84 Alumni/military
Rose Marie Hawkins page 29 Seniors/1945
Jack Hayes page 42 Juniors/1945
Bernice Hayes page 29 Seniors/1945
Milton Hayes page 29 Seniors/1945
Graham Hayes page 53 Sophomore/1945
Nita Hayes page 53 Sophomore/1945
Richard J. Haynes page 84 Alumni/military
David Haynes page 29 Seniors/1945
Rodney Hearne page 84 Alumni/military
Joanne Hecht page 53 Sophomore/1945
Richard Heckenlively page 53 Sophomore/1945
Charles Heffner page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Hegstrom page 64 Freshmen/1945
arjorie Heinisch page 42 Juniors/1945
Arthur Heino page 84 Alumni/military
Marie Helvorson page 29 Seniors/1945
Herbert Heman page 65 Freshmen/1945
Charles Hendrick page 85 Alumni/military
W. E. Hendrickson page 4 Advisor
Shirley Hendrickson page 42 Juniors/1945
Harold Hendrix page 85 Alumni/military
Curtis Hennessey page 64 Freshmen/1945
Nena Herman page 53 Sophomore/1945
Richard Herr page 42 Juniors/1945
W. C. Higgins page 85 Alumni/military
Joyce Higgins page 64 Freshmen/1945
Don Hilde page 85 Alumni/military
Bruce Hilderbrant page 84 Alumni/military
Jack Hill page 84 Alumni/military
James Hill page 84 Alumni/military
Bud Hill page 29 Seniors/1945
Don Hillman page 84 Alumni/military
Van Kirk Hillman page 84 Alumni/military
Eddie Hillyard page 42 Juniors/1945
Linda Hjelm page 42 Juniors/1945
Marilyn Hoberman page 42 Juniors/1945
Craig Hodgart page 30 Seniors/1945
Mr. Hodge page 14 Faculty/1945
Crag Hodgert page 85 Alumni/military
Carolyn Hoffman page 64 Freshmen/1945
Bob Hogan page 30 Seniors/1945
Arthur Holben page 53 Sophomore/1945
Joy Holberg page 64 Freshmen/1945
Mr. Holcombe page 13 Faculty/1945
Bill Holderness page 84 Alumni/military
Sally Holdorne page 30 Seniors/1945
Lyle Holstrom page 30 Seniors/1945
Joanne Holt page 42 Juniors/1945
Blaine Homan page 64 Freshmen/1945
Orman Honey page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Hopkins page 43 Juniors/1945
Audrey Horne page 30 Seniors/1945
Earl Horngren page 85 Alumni/military
Muriel Horsman page 64 Freshmen/1945
Nancy Howay page 43 Juniors/1945
Connie Howe page 64 Freshmen/1945
Jean Hoyt page 64 Freshmen/1945
Elaine Hoyt page 43 Juniors/1945
Nellie Huey page 53 Sophomore/1945
Harold Hummel page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Hummel page 85 Alumni/military
Darlene Hunt page 64 Freshmen/1945
Gordon Hunt page 30 Seniors/1945
Gordon Huntington page 85 Alumni/military
Jerry Huntington page 30 Seniors/1945
Jack Hutchins page 84 Alumni/military
Douglas Hutchinson page 64 Freshmen/1945
Beverly Hutt page 43 Juniors/1945
John C. Hutton page 84 Alumni/military
Vincent Ice page 53 Sophomore/1945
Ross Iedrington page 85 Alumni/military
Romelle Ihrne page 43 Juniors/1945
Bert Isakson page 43 Juniors/1945
Shunji Ito page 85 Alumni/military
Harold H. Jackson page 84 Alumni/military
Marilyn Jackson page 30 Seniors/1945
Dorothy Jackson page 53 Sophomore/1945
Henry Jacobson page 85 Alumni/military
Elaine Jaffe page 30 Seniors/1945
Mr. Jahnke page 16, 19 Faculty/1945
H. J. James page 85 Alumni/military
Homer James page 84 Alumni/military
Reginald James page 57 Sophomore/1945
Robert Jansen page 85 Alumni/military
Charlotte Jappe page 43 Juniors/1945
Carl Jarvie page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Jeffrey page 16 Faculty/1945
Steven Jellum page 64 Freshmen/1945
David Jenkins page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Jenkins page 84 Alumni/military
Pat Jensen page 43 Juniors/1945
Robert Joffrey page 53 Sophomore/1945
Bob Johanson page 84 Alumni/military
James John page 84 Alumni/military
Gerald Johnson page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Johnson page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Johnson page 85 Alumni/military
Ted Johnson page 84 Alumni/military
Walter Johnson page 84 Alumni/military
Faye Johnson page 64 Freshmen/1945
Joyce Johnson page 43 Juniors/1945
Elynor Johnson page 30 Seniors/1945
Marily Johnson page 30 Seniors/1945
Bill Johnson page 53 Sophomore/1945
Raymond Johnson page 53 Sophomore/1945
Miss Johnson page 20 Faculty/1945
Ralph Johnston page 30 Seniors/1945
James Jones page 85 Alumni/military
Stan Jones page 85 Alumni/military
Bob Jones page 43 Juniors/1945
Margaret Jones page 43 Juniors/1945
Myles Jones page 53 Sophomore/1945
Robert M. Jones page 54 Sophomore/1945
Shirley Jones page 53 Sophomore/1945
Miss Jones page 18 Faculty/1945
Mr. Jordon page 17 Faculty/1945
Phyllis Justice page 54 Sophomore/1945
Tom Kaasa page 84 Alumni/military
Leo Kaiser page 54 Sophomore/1945
Jackie Kalior page 30 Seniors/1945
Lillian Kallunke page 64 Freshmen/1945
Barbara Kanzler page 54 Sophomore/1945
Kletch Karrow page 84 Alumni/military
Ralph Kasdorf page 84 Alumni/military
Rober Kasemeyer page 84 Alumni/military
Richard Kay page 54 Sophomore/1945
Lester Keiter page 84 Alumni/military
Sally Keith page 31 Seniors/1945
Virginia Keith page 54 Sophomore/1945
Richard Kelleher page 43 Juniors/1945
Dan Kelleher page 54 Sophomore/1945
Kay Kelley page 43 Juniors/1945
Mr. Kellogg page 19 Faculty/1945
Jack Kelly page 84 Alumni/military
Jerry Kelly page 85 Alumni/military
Joe Kelly page 54 Sophomore/1945
Donald Kent page 84 Alumni/military
Donald Kent page 85 Alumni/military
James Keough page 84 Alumni/military
James L. Keough page 84 Alumni/military
Helen Kero page 30 Seniors/1945
Johnny Kerr page 85 Alumni/military
James Vier Kesler Jr. page 30 Seniors/1945
Eva Kietzman page 65 Freshmen/1945
Delores Kinder page 54 Sophomore/1945
J. M. Kindred page 84 Alumni/military
Dick King page 85 Alumni/military
Norland King page 85 Alumni/military
Dewey L. King page 31 Seniors/1945
John King page 54 Sophomore/1945
William A. Kirby page 84 Alumni/military
Gardmer Kirk page 28 Seniors/1945
Joyce Kirtzman page 43 Juniors/1945
David Klaich page 65 Freshmen/1945
Joe Klass page 84 Alumni/military
Don Klein page 85 Alumni/military
Ed Klosterman page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Knapp page 84 Alumni/military
Orville Knight page 85 Alumni/military
Lorraine Knight page 31 Seniors/1945
Bert Knopp page 43 Juniors/1945
Ken Knott page 43 Juniors/1945
Ellis Knutson page 85 Alumni/military
Toly E. Kojeo page 84 Alumni/military
Norman Kossis page 84 Alumni/military
Hollis Kraetch page 85 Alumni/military
Dorene Kraule page 54 Sophomore/1945
Al Kremling page 85 Alumni/military
Al Kretchmar page 85 Alumni/military
Dolores Krom page 65 Freshmen/1945
Gladys Krumann page 64 Freshmen/1945
Ed Kucker page 84 Alumni/military
Fred Kuhanen page 85 Alumni/military
Miss Kullberg page 15, 18 Faculty/1945
Albert Kunde page 85 Alumni/military
Joanne La Bissionier page 65 Freshmen/1945
Mary Lou LaBen page 65 Freshmen/1945
Frances LaCross page 43 Juniors/1945
Mr. Ladd page 15 Faculty/1945
Freida Lafferty page 31 Seniors/1945
Russell Lagerberg page 84 Alumni/military
Gene Lagerberg page 43 Juniors/1945
Maynard Laing page 84 Alumni/military
Raymond Laing page 54 Sophomore/1945
Phas. Lamb page 84 Alumni/military
Phyllis Lambert page 31 Seniors/1945
Joseph Lamont page 85 Alumni/military
Sidney Lane page 54 Sophomore/1945
Jim Lant page 85 Alumni/military
Jodien Lapsansky page 31 Seniors/1945
Jim Larson page 43 Juniors/1945
Kenneth Larson page 43 Juniors/1945
Ruby Larson page 43 Juniors/1945
Donn Larson page 54 Sophomore/1945
Marilyn Lassesson page 43 Juniors/1945
ernest Lauridsen page 31 Seniors/1945
Theresa Laverty page 54 Sophomore/1945
Jim Lawrence page 84 Alumni/military
Pauline Lazenby page 31 Seniors/1945
Gladys Lea page 31 Seniors/1945
Dorothy Lee page 43 Juniors/1945
Leo Lee page 31 Seniors/1945
David Lees page 84 Alumni/military
Donald Lees page 85 Alumni/military
Jack LeFever page 44 Juniors/1945
Len Lefkow page 31 Seniors/1945
Jack Leggate page 65 Freshmen/1945
Theodore Leibe page 84 Alumni/military
Ray Lelicke page 54 Sophomore/1945
Lorraine Lemcke page 44 Juniors/1945
Barbara Lercher page 44 Juniors/1945
Bob Lertch page 65 Freshmen/1945
Earl Leslie page 85 Alumni/military
Kurt Lesser page 31 Seniors/1945
Roger Levan page 85 Alumni/military
Lee Lewis page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Lewis page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Lewis page 85 Alumni/military
Tommy Lewis page 44 Juniors/1945
Morris Lindstrom page 84 Alumni/military
Joan Line page 31 Seniors/1945
Eugene A. Linstead page 54 Sophomore/1945
Marylou Lintz page 31 Seniors/1945
Wilma Lipperd page 44 Juniors/1945
James Lissner page 85 Alumni/military
Dave Little page 44 Juniors/1945
Pat Little page 54 Sophomore/1945
Jack Livie page 85 Alumni/military
Dianne Livie page 54 Sophomore/1945
Don Livingston page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Locke page 65 Freshmen/1945
June Lockwood page 31 Seniors/1945
Joan Lord page 54 Sophomore/1945
George Loriemr page 84 Alumni/military
Alice Louie page 31 Seniors/1945
Gordon Lowenstein page 85 Alumni/military
Jim Lucas page 32 Seniors/1945
Jack Lunn page 85 Alumni/military
Arthur Lustig page 55 Sophomore/1945
Don Lyons page 84 Alumni/military
Bob MacDonald page 32 Seniors/1945
Jack MacDonald page 32 Seniors/1945
Joyce MacGreger page 55 Sophomore/1945
Gloria Mackie page 65 Freshmen/1945
Pat MacLean page 32 Seniors/1945
Gordon MacPherson page 84 Alumni/military
Kenneth MacPherson page 84 Alumni/military
Howard Maher page 32 Seniors/1945
Merle Maine page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Makey page 55 Sophomore/1945
Beverly Malgren page 55 Sophomore/1945
Robert Malin page 55 Sophomore/1945
Art Malmgren page 85 Alumni/military
Les Malmgren page 85 Alumni/military
Georgia Mantos page 32 Seniors/1945
Louise Mantos page 55 Sophomore/1945
Ken Manus page 44 Juniors/1945
Walter Marble page 44 Juniors/1945
Ben marcus page 84 Alumni/military
Joe Marcus page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Mariet page 55 Sophomore/1945
Joyce Markle page 65 Freshmen/1945
Harold Marler page 84 Alumni/military
Doris Marotta page 32 Seniors/1945
Jack Marrah page 84 Alumni/military
Mac Marshall page 84 Alumni/military
Ray Marshall page 84 Alumni/military
Wilbert Marshall page 55 Sophomore/1945
Walter Mase page 84 Alumni/military
Elaine Massey page 44 Juniors/1945
Marilyn Mathews page 32 Seniors/1945
Jo Ann Matthes page 32 Seniors/1945
Calvin Mattison page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Mattson page 19 Faculty/1945
Nancy Matzdorf page 32 Seniors/1945
Gloria Mauelon page 66 Freshmen/1945
Miss McAllister page 20 Faculty/1945
Frank McAuley page 84 Alumni/military
Bruce McAuley page 44 Juniors/1945
Lucy McAvoy page 44 Juniors/1945
Kenneth McClaren page 84 Alumni/military
Ralph McCrimmon page 44 Juniors/1945
Bob McCullough page 32 Seniors/1945
Bill McCune page 84 Alumni/military
Bob McCutchan page 84 Alumni/military
Derrold McDaniel page 85 Alumni/military
Grace McDermond page 55 Sophomore/1945
Donald McDonald page 84 Alumni/military
Donald McDonald page 85 Alumni/military
Jean McFadden page 32 Seniors/1945
Colleen McGhan page 65 Freshmen/1945
Edwin McGifford page 55 Sophomore/1945
Donald McGowen page 65 Freshmen/1945
Don McGrath page 44 Juniors/1945
Homer McKay page 84 Alumni/military
William McKay page 84 Alumni/military
Marion McKay page 32 Seniors/1945
Tom McKelvey page 65 Freshmen/1945
June McKissick page 44 Juniors/1945
Colleen McKnight page 32 Seniors/1945
Frederick McLauchlan page 85 Alumni/military
Alice M. McLauchlin page 32 Seniors/1945
Jack McLavey page 33 Seniors/1945
Edward McLean page 85 Alumni/military
Harold McLean page 84 Alumni/military
Jean McMinn page 55 Sophomore/1945
Norma Medford page 65 Freshmen/1945
Robert Meier page 65 Freshmen/1945
Alexander Melikov page 84 Alumni/military
Janet Mercer page 65 Freshmen/1945
Joy Mercer page 65 Freshmen/1945
Dick Merrihew page 85 Alumni/military
Sydney Merrihew page 84 Alumni/military
Sydney Merrihew page 85 Alumni/military
Dick Merrihew page 33 Seniors/1945
Carol Merrihew page 55 Sophomore/1945
Frederick Merritt page 85 Alumni/military
Richard G. Merritt page 44 Juniors/1945
Lawrence Mesher page 44 Juniors/1945
Frank Mesher page 55 Sophomore/1945
Stan Metthler page 44 Juniors/1945
Nicholas Mihailov page 84 Alumni/military
Marshall Miller page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Miller page 84 Alumni/military
William Miller page 84 Alumni/military
Patty Rae Miller page 65 Freshmen/1945
Phyllis Miller page 66 Freshmen/1945
Florence Miller page 44 Juniors/1945
Glen Millott page 66 Freshmen/1945
Elizabeth Mills page 7 Girls' Club Advisor
Tessie Milonopordos page 33 Seniors/1945
Collette Milonopoulos page 66 Freshmen/1945
Henry Mines page 84 Alumni/military
George Minzel page 85 Alumni/military
Geo. Mitchell page 33 Seniors/1945
Sykis Mitchell page 55 Sophomore/1945
Mrs. Mitchell page 15 Faculty/1945
Brice Monroe page 66 Freshmen/1945
Robert Montgomery page 84 Alumni/military
Gordon Moody page 55 Sophomore/1945
Robert Mooeres page 85 Alumni/military
James W. Moore page 84 Alumni/military
Joseph F. Moore page 84 Alumni/military
Richard Moore page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Moore page 85 Alumni/military
Richard Moore page 85 Alumni/military
Shirley Ann Moore page 66 Freshmen/1945
Bill Moore page 44 Juniors/1945
Bob Moore page 45 Juniors/1945
Roberta Moore page 33 Seniors/1945
Jacque Moore page 55 Sophomore/1945
Bill Morgan page 44 Juniors/1945
Lyle Morow page 85 Alumni/military
Raymond Morth page 55 Sophomore/1945
LeRon Moselle page 55 Sophomore/1945
Seeichi Motoki page 84 Alumni/military
Mr. Mount page 13 Faculty/1945
Miss Mowry page 16 Faculty/1945
Mr. Muench page 19 Faculty/1945
Jack Mulvehill page 85 Alumni/military
James Mulvehill page 84 Alumni/military
Anne Mulvey page 45 Juniors/1945
Gertrude Mummey page 33 Seniors/1945
George Murray page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Murray page 85 Alumni/military
Eleanor Murray page 45 Juniors/1945
Gene Muskin page 84 Alumni/military
Harry Musselman page 85 Alumni/military
Albert Myers page 66 Freshmen/1945
George Myers page 45 Juniors/1945
GeorgeTobie Myers page 45 Juniors/1945
Mariame Myers page 33 Seniors/1945
Don Myers page 55 Sophomore/1945
Melvin Myland page 85 Alumni/military
Margaret Napier page 55 Sophomore/1945
Betty Nass page 45 Juniors/1945
Dorothy Naujack page 45 Juniors/1945
Lawrence Neider page 84 Alumni/military
Mrs. Nellist page 16 Faculty/1945
Lloyd Nelson page 84 Alumni/military
Mel Nelson page 84 Alumni/military
Melvin Nelson page 84 Alumni/military
Becky Nelson page 45 Juniors/1945
Chuck Nelson page 45 Juniors/1945
Roberta Nelson page 45 Juniors/1945
Lois Nelson page 33 Seniors/1945
Albert Nelson page 56 Sophomore/1945
Ronald Nelson page 56 Sophomore/1945
Esther Nesheim page 56 Sophomore/1945
Ann Nevitt page 56 Sophomore/1945
Richard Newberber page 84 Alumni/military
Lois Newell page 33 Seniors/1945
Shirley Newgard page 45 Juniors/1945
Albert C. Nicholas page 84 Alumni/military
Wallace Nichols page 85 Alumni/military
Pat Nichols page 66 Freshmen/1945
Dean Nicholson page 84 Alumni/military
D'Arcy Nicholson page 45 Juniors/1945
Marilyn Ninness page 45 Juniors/1945
Hisashi Nishimura page 84 Alumni/military
Frank Nolan page 85 Alumni/military
Eulalie Nople page 33 Seniors/1945
Irwin Norden page 84 Alumni/military
Warren Norden page 85 Alumni/military
Norma Nordwall page 33 Seniors/1945
Joan Norie page 45 Juniors/1945
Wallace Norvak page 85 Alumni/military
Don Nudelman page 84 Alumni/military
Burt Nudelman page 45 Juniors/1945
Ted Nussbaum page 84 Alumni/military
Carl Nyberg page 84 Alumni/military
Dave Nygren page 56 Sophomore/1945
Donald Nystrom page 56 Sophomore/1945
Pat O'Dea page 45 Juniors/1945
Burr O'Dell page 84 Alumni/military
Harry O'Dell page 33 Seniors/1945
Morris O'Leary page 84 Alumni/military
Keith Oles page 84 Alumni/military
Stuart Oles page 85 Alumni/military
Pat Oliver page 45 Juniors/1945
Wayne Olmscheid page 56 Sophomore/1945
Betty Jean Olsen page 56 Sophomore/1945
Evelyn Olsen page 56 Sophomore/1945
Marjorie Olsen page 56 Sophomore/1945
Donald Olson page 85 Alumni/military
Ed Olson page 84 Alumni/military
Jean Olson page 45 Juniors/1945
Melvin Olson page 45 Juniors/1945
Miss Olson page 15 Faculty/1945
Benjamin O'Ren page 84 Alumni/military
Taka Orkada page 85 Alumni/military
Max Ostjens page 66 Freshmen/1945
Charles O'Toole page 84 Alumni/military
Thomas Owen page 85 Alumni/military
Joy Owens page 56 Sophomore/1945
Lillian Paddock page 56 Sophomore/1945
Donald Palmer page 84 Alumni/military
Harry Pang page 84 Alumni/military
Sun W. Pang page 85 Alumni/military
Howard Parke page 85 Alumni/military
Dave Parker page 85 Alumni/military
Don Parker page 84 Alumni/military
William Parker page 84 Alumni/military
LaVera Parker page 56 Sophomore/1945
Miss Parker page 14 Faculty/1945
Boyd Patterson page 85 Alumni/military
John Patterson page 84 Alumni/military
Beverly Patterson page 66 Freshmen/1945
Eva Lea Patterson page 56 Sophomore/1945
Gunther Paulgren page 56 Sophomore/1945
Rudy Paulson page 33 Seniors/1945
Jim Pearson page 66 Freshmen/1945
Conrad Pearson page 45 Juniors/1945
Don R. Pegg page 84 Alumni/military
John Pelligrini page 84 Alumni/military
John Pembroke page 45 Juniors/1945
Jerry N. Perkins page 46 Juniors/1945
Marie Perry page 33 Seniors/1945
Rex Peteet page 46 Juniors/1945
Raymond Peterson page 84 Alumni/military
Darlene Peterson page 66 Freshmen/1945
Polly Ann Peterson page 46 Juniors/1945
LeRoy Peth page 84 Alumni/military
Joseph Petoss page 84 Alumni/military
Earl Pfaff page 6 principal/1945
Noel Phelan page 66 Freshmen/1945
Beth Phelan page 56 Sophomore/1945
Art Phelps page 84 Alumni/military
Edwin Phelps page 84 Alumni/military
Lloyd Phelps page 85 Alumni/military
Payton Phillips page 84 Alumni/military
Gloria Phillips page 33 Seniors/1945
Aristides Phouatrides page 85 Alumni/military
Hughe Pickel page 84 Alumni/military
Phyllis Pim page 85 Alumni/military
John H. Pim page 33 Seniors/1945
Robert Piro page 84 Alumni/military
Harry Pitzer page 84 Alumni/military
Sam Plant page 34 Senior/1945
William J. Pliska page 84 Alumni/military
Duncan Pope page 84 Alumni/military
Dwight Powell page 84 Alumni/military
Marguerita Powell page 66 Freshmen/1945
Alvin Powell page 46 Juniors/1945
Darlene Powell page 34 Senior/1945
Anabel Powell page 56 Sophomore/1945
Patricia Pratt page 56 Sophomore/1945
Art Prendergast page 85 Alumni/military
Madelon Prentice page 34 Senior/1945
Donna Prevel page 46 Juniors/1945
Marsha Prewitt page 66 Freshmen/1945
Bill Priestman page 84 Alumni/military
Mr. Pritchard page 13 Faculty/1945
Joyce Pritzkau page 66 Freshmen/1945
Beverly Puckett page 56 Sophomore/1945
LaVern Raabe page 46 Juniors/1945
Hall Ragge page 85 Alumni/military
Henry Raggee page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Raml page 34 Senior/1945
Katherine Rasey page 34 Senior/1945
Sylvia Rautio page 46 Juniors/1945
Don Rawlinson page 85 Alumni/military
Don Rawlinson page 34 Senior/1945
Ralph Rawson page 46 Juniors/1945
LaVerne Ray page 66 Freshmen/1945
Joe Reardon page 84 Alumni/military
Howard Redmond page 34 Senior/1945
Elsie Reed page 34 Senior/1945
Bill Reese page 84 Alumni/military
Don Regnell page 57 Sophomore/1945
Jack Reichardt page 46 Juniors/1945
Leonard Reinhardt page 84 Alumni/military
D. L. Rembaugh page 85 Alumni/military
James Reynolds page 84 Alumni/military
Bertha Rhinking page 57 Sophomore/1945
Ray Rice page 84 Alumni/military
Vesamine Richardson page 34 Senior/1945
Eugene Richie page 84 Alumni/military
Shirley Rickles page 57 Sophomore/1945
Dorien Ridenour page 85 Alumni/military
Morton Ring page 34 Senior/1945
John Ristine page 85 Alumni/military
William Ristine page 85 Alumni/military
Malcom Roberts page 84 Alumni/military
Merlin Roberts page 46 Juniors/1945
Miss Robinson page 15 Faculty/1945
Charles Rockeferfeller page 84 Alumni/military
Ronald Rockwood page 57 Sophomore/1945
Ted Rodarm page 84 Alumni/military
David Roderick page 84 Alumni/military
Josephine Rodrigerez page 66 Freshmen/1945
Jim Rogers page 57 Sophomore/1945
Orvill Ronning page 57 Sophomore/1945
Richard Rook page 46 Juniors/1945
Jerome Rooney page 84 Alumni/military
Myrna Rose page 57 Sophomore/1945
Jack Ross page 84 Alumni/military
Don Rostrum page 34 Senior/1945
Paul Roth page 34 Senior/1945
Robert Routt page 85 Alumni/military
John Runkle page 84 Alumni/military
Dick Runyard page 57 Sophomore/1945
William Russell page 84 Alumni/military
Bill Ryberg page 84 Alumni/military
Barbara Ryberg page 57 Sophomore/1945
Clyde Ryder page 84 Alumni/military
Kenneth Sadick page 84 Alumni/military
Elaine Sadick page 66 Freshmen/1945
Tsutomu Saito page 84 Alumni/military
Irwin Sameth page 84 Alumni/military
Frederick Sandborg page 84 Alumni/military
Henry Sander page 85 Alumni/military
Virginia Sander page 34 Senior/1945
Eugene Sangrey page 57 Sophomore/1945
Leo Sarkowsky page 84 Alumni/military
Jack Saura page 66 Freshmen/1945
Dick Sawyer page 84 Alumni/military
Hugo Scarsheim page 46 Juniors/1945
George Schafer page 34 Senior/1945
Ernest Schlesinger page 85 Alumni/military
Ray Schliep page 85 Alumni/military
Lucille Schloemer page 57 Sophomore/1945
Bill Schmidt page 57 Sophomore/1945
Margaret Schneider page 57 Sophomore/1945
Roy Schoefer page 84 Alumni/military
Al Schoenfeld page 85 Alumni/military
Walter Schoenfeld page 66 Freshmen/1945
Arthur Schoneman page 34 Senior/1945
Marjorie Schutte page 57 Sophomore/1945
Wallace Schwabland page 84 Alumni/military
Annette Schwabland page 57 Sophomore/1945
Charlotte Schweitzer page 66 Freshmen/1945
Virginia Scmingsen page 66 Freshmen/1945
Eugene Scott page 66 Freshmen/1945
Jim Scott page 34 Senior/1945
Delores Scott page 57 Sophomore/1945
Lawrence Seeber page 85 Alumni/military
Fred Seibert page 84 Alumni/military
Roy Shaefer page 84 Alumni/military
Sylvia Shafer page 34 Senior/1945
Chuck Shanno page 58 Sophomore/1945
Norma Sharrock page 57 Sophomore/1945
John Sheehan page 84 Alumni/military
Laurence Sheldon page 66 Freshmen/1945
Joe Shellenberger page 84 Alumni/military
Dick Shelton page 84 Alumni/military
Claudine Shepard page 67 Freshmen/1945
C. W. Shepherd page 85 Alumni/military
Marjorie Shepherd page 58 Sophomore/1945
Alfred Sherman page 85 Alumni/military
Alfred Sherman page 35 Senior/1945
Audrey Sherman page 58 Sophomore/1945
Takeo Shimizu page 84 Alumni/military
John Shorette page 84 Alumni/military
Ruth Shorter page 58 Sophomore/1945
Bill Showve page 85 Alumni/military
Roy M. Shuman page 84 Alumni/military
Roy M. Shuman page 84 Alumni/military
Jake Sigurason page 67 Freshmen/1945
Kenny Sigurdson page 84 Alumni/military
Bill Silver page 84 Alumni/military
Clair Silver page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Silver page 84 Alumni/military
William Silver page 85 Alumni/military
Ruth Simon page 58 Sophomore/1945
Doris Simpson page 35 Senior/1945
Bill Simpson page 58 Sophomore/1945
Miss Simpson page 14 Faculty/1945
Lee Sims page 58 Sophomore/1945
Janelle Sippel page 46 Juniors/1945
Jeanie Sitze page 35 Senior/1945
Sybil Sivley page 35 Senior/1945
Charles W. Sjurski page 84 Alumni/military
Alice Skidmore page 35 Senior/1945
Lee Skouk page 35 Senior/1945
JimmiesTENSON Slade page 58 Sophomore/1945
Dick Smith page 85 Alumni/military
Dwight Smith page 85 Alumni/military
Jack Smith page 85 Alumni/military
Rowland Smith page 84 Alumni/military
Rowland Smith page 85 Alumni/military
Shirley Smith page 67 Freshmen/1945
Charmaine Smith page 46 Juniors/1945
Lois Smith page 46 Juniors/1945
Marcheta Smith page 46 Juniors/1945
Jack Smith page 35 Senior/1945
Yvonne Smith page 35 Senior/1945
Jimmy Smith page 58 Sophomore/1945
Miss Smith page 14 Faculty/1945
Holland Smith page 85 Alumni/military
Bruce Smithson page 85 Alumni/military
Don Snow page 84 Alumni/military
Jack Snull page 84 Alumni/military
Joy Snyder page 58 Sophomore/1945
Virginia Soderland page 58 Sophomore/1945
Barbara Soderlund page 67 Freshmen/1945
Nick Soldano page 84 Alumni/military
Mary Soldano page 46 Juniors/1945
Kenny Solid page 85 Alumni/military
Earl Solie page 35 Senior/1945
George Soltman page 35 Senior/1945
Werner Sondheim page 35 Senior/1945
Elaine Sorvik page 85 Alumni/military
June Sorvik page 84 Alumni/military
Richard Spain page 85 Alumni/military
Doris Spaulding page 35 Senior/1945
Darleen Spaulding page 58 Sophomore/1945
Arlene Speek page 58 Sophomore/1945
George Sperry page 85 Alumni/military
Lenard Speyer page 85 Alumni/military
Leonard Speyer page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Speyer page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Speyer page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Speyer page 84 Alumni/military
Colle Spotman page 58 Sophomore/1945
Jack Sprague page 84 Alumni/military
Wendell Sprague page 84 Alumni/military
William Sprague page 84 Alumni/military
Dorien Stadirm page 46 Juniors/1945
Virginia Stahl page 35 Senior/1945
Katheryn Stahl page 58 Sophomore/1945
Lawrence Stark page 85 Alumni/military
Verna Stark page 46 Juniors/1945
John Stavros page 84 Alumni/military
Betty Steinhart page 67 Freshmen/1945
Janet Steinke page 58 Sophomore/1945
Eileen Stewart page 67 Freshmen/1945
Joseph Stingle page 46 Juniors/1945
William Stockhar page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Stofko page 85 Alumni/military
Dick Stone page 35 Senior/1945
David Storm page 46 Juniors/1945
Warran Story page 85 Alumni/military
Pete Stras page 35 Senior/1945
Miss Stratton page 16 Faculty/1945
Miss Streator page 15 Faculty/1945
Ted Strizek page 46 Juniors/1945
Gordon Stufko page 84 Alumni/military
Dick Stusser page 58 Sophomore/1945
Frank Sugeno page 85 Alumni/military
John Sullivan page 84 Alumni/military
Raja Sundsten page 67 Freshmen/1945
Jerry Swanson page 84 Alumni/military
Ralph Swanson page 35 Senior/1945
Betty Sweazey page 67 Freshmen/1945
Maxine Sweazey page 47 Juniors/1945
Alexander Swienesky page 85 Alumni/military
Charles Switzer page 85 Alumni/military
Elyse Syman page 84 Alumni/military
Norma Tadlock page 37 Senior/1945
Roger Tallakson page 58 Sophomore/1945
Lawrence Tallman page 84 Alumni/military
Loring Taylor page 67 Freshmen/1945
Jim Taylor page 35 Senior/1945
Clayton Taylor page 58 Sophomore/1945
Phyllis Templeman page 47 Juniors/1945
Peary Theros page 85 Alumni/military
Don Thomas page 85 Alumni/military
Alice Thomas page 67 Freshmen/1945
George Thompson page 85 Alumni/military
Raymond Thompson page 85 Alumni/military
Mr. Thompson page 13 Faculty/1945
Connie Thompton page 47 Juniors/1945
Richard Thrash page 58 Sophomore/1945
Betty Thumlert page 36 Senior/1945
James Thurmond page 85 Alumni/military
George Ticknor page 59 Sophomore/1945
Wilbur Tiffany page 85 Alumni/military
Esther Timmerman page 58 Sophomore/1945
Walt Tirrell page 85 Alumni/military
Don Tissel page 47 Juniors/1945
Tom Tobias page 84 Alumni/military
O.L. Tobiason page 85 Alumni/military
Walt Tobiason page 47 Juniors/1945
Irvin Tobin page 85 Alumni/military
Gordon Tobin page 59 Sophomore/1945
Merritt Todd page 85 Alumni/military
Wm. Toepel page 47 Juniors/1945
Christts Tolias page 37 Senior/1945
Jackie Tollett page 59 Sophomore/1945
Robert Tomblin page 85 Alumni/military
Bob Tomlin page 84 Alumni/military
Bob Tonkin page 84 Alumni/military
James Tonkin page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Topel page 84 Alumni/military
Clara Torzek page 47 Juniors/1945
Irving Tovin page 85 Alumni/military
Pat Tradewell page 85 Alumni/military
Lawrence Tripple page 85 Alumni/military
Walt Troyer page 85 Alumni/military
Mary Lou Truett page 67 Freshmen/1945
Juanita Trussler page 47 Juniors/1945
George Tsutasawa page 84 Alumni/military
Phyliss Tucker page 67 Freshmen/1945
Shirley Tucker page 47 Juniors/1945
Donald Turner page 84 Alumni/military
Pat Turner page 59 Sophomore/1945
Robert Turpin page 84 Alumni/military
William Turpin page 85 Alumni/military
Ron Twombly page 85 Alumni/military
Jocelyn Tymony page 36 Senior/1945
Robert Ulrich page 84 Alumni/military
Harold Upham page 84 Alumni/military
Roger Vail page 85 Alumni/military
W. Valentine page 85 Alumni/military
Jim Vallentyne page 59 Sophomore/1945
Jim Van Otingham page 85 Alumni/military
Joseph Van Valey page 85 Alumni/military
George Varnar page 84 Alumni/military
Joseph Vick page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Viloudake page 36 Senior/1945
Betty Vining page 59 Sophomore/1945
Charles Vinup page 84 Alumni/military
Janet Von Lossow page 67 Freshmen/1945
Jim Von Lossow page 36 Senior/1945
James Vose page 84 Alumni/military
Lillian Voss page 47 Juniors/1945
Dik Vrooman page 84 Alumni/military
Harland Wade page 85 Alumni/military
Dean Walden page 36 Senior/1945
Westly Walimad page 59 Sophomore/1945
Walter Walkinshaw page 84 Alumni/military
Lillian Wallace page 36 Senior/1945
Bill Walsh page 84 Alumni/military
Lawrence Walsh page 84 Alumni/military
Betty Walsh page 67 Freshmen/1945
Eugene Walton page 67 Freshmen/1945
Marjorie Walton page 47 Juniors/1945
Bonnie Warner page 67 Freshmen/1945
Shirley Watson page 47 Juniors/1945
Dick Watt page 84 Alumni/military
Barbara Weatherly page 47 Juniors/1945
Maurice Webb page 85 Alumni/military
Bob Weber page 85 Alumni/military
Robert Weber page 85 Alumni/military
William Weber page 84 Alumni/military
Barbara Weber page 59 Sophomore/1945
Arthur Webster page 84 Alumni/military
Bill Webster page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Weichbro page 84 Alumni/military
Anitra Weinand page 37 Senior/1945
Stan Westberg Weinstein page 47 Juniors/1945
Richard Weisfield page 84 Alumni/military
Bruce Weller page 36 Senior/1945
Ash Wells page 84 Alumni/military
Jean Wells page 36 Senior/1945
James Wesley page 84 Alumni/military
Dick West page 84 Alumni/military
Richard West page 84 Alumni/military
Ross West page 84 Alumni/military
Curtis West page 36 Senior/1945
Dick Wharton page 84 Alumni/military
Madeline Wheelar page 59 Sophomore/1945
James Wheeler page 47 Juniors/1945
Sumner Whipple page 84 Alumni/military
Eleanor Whipple page 36 Senior/1945
Al White page 84 Alumni/military
David White page 84 Alumni/military
Frederick White page 84 Alumni/military
Horace White page 84 Alumni/military
Robert John White page 84 Alumni/military
Ernest White page 36 Senior/1945
Bud White page 85 Alumni/military
Phyllis Whiteaker page 59 Sophomore/1945
Gene Whiteman page 47 Juniors/1945
Ed. Wick page 36 Senior/1945
Roger Wicks page 84 Alumni/military
Al Wielding page 37 Senior/1945
Betty Wiggins page 47 Juniors/1945
Al Wilding page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Wilkenson page 37 Senior/1945
Shirley Wilkeson page 67 Freshmen/1945
Carol Williams page 67 Freshmen/1945
Marjorie Williams page 47 Juniors/1945
Roxy Williams page 47 Juniors/1945
Paul Wilson page 84 Alumni/military
Wayne Wilson page 67 Freshmen/1945
Boland Wilson page 47 Juniors/1945
Virginia Wilson page 37 Senior/1945
Audrey Wilson page 59 Sophomore/1945
Dolores Wilson page 59 Sophomore/1945
Leland Wilson page 59 Sophomore/1945
Betty Winberg page 37 Senior/1945
Robert L. Winmans page 59 Sophomore/1945
C. M. Wistcott page 85 Alumni/military
Paul Wittny page 84 Alumni/military
Dury Wohlvena page 67 Freshmen/1945
Curtis Wohlwend page 85 Alumni/military
Bill Wolfstone page 37 Senior/1945
Kenneth Wong page 59 Sophomore/1945
David H. Woo page 84 Alumni/military
Jerry Wood page 37 Senior/1945
David Woodcock page 67 Freshmen/1945
Tom Woodcock page 59 Sophomore/1945
Jack Woods page 84 Alumni/military
Gladys Woodward page 59 Sophomore/1945
Noan Woody page 67 Freshmen/1945
Harold Woolridge page 47 Juniors/1945
John Woolston page 85 Alumni/military
Marian Woolston page 59 Sophomore/1945
Jack Wottan page 47 Juniors/1945
Worden Wren page 59 Sophomore/1945
Alfred Wright page 85 Alumni/military
Cutler Wright page 85 Alumni/military
John Wright page 84 Alumni/military
John Wright page 85 Alumni/military
Eugene Wrigt page 84 Alumni/military
Phyllis Wuthenow page 47 Juniors/1945
James Yandell page 84 Alumni/military
Richard Yarbrough page 85 Alumni/military
Rose Young page 67 Freshmen/1945
Patti Young page 37 Senior/1945
Mr. Young page 14 Faculty/1945
Thomas Youngblood page 84 Alumni/military
Bette Youngblood page 47 Juniors/1945
Robert Yourston page 84 Alumni/military
Vernon Yourston page 84 Alumni/military
Robert Yowston page 84 Alumni/military
Vernon Yowston page 84 Alumni/military
Edward B. Zane page 84 Alumni/military
Jack Zeigler page 84 Alumni/military
Joan Zetterquist page 67 Freshmen/1945
James Ziets page 84 Alumni/military
Mildred Zila page 37 Senior/1945
Eugene Zinch page 59 Sophomore/1945
Shirley Zuktke page 67 Freshmen/1945
Miles March page 32 Seniors/1945

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