Mount Vernon, Washington

The 1950 Cascadian was published by the Skagit Valley Junior College of Mount Vernon Washington. The Editor was Marian Nystrom.

In 1950 Skagit Valley Junior College was a two year college located halfway between Seattle and the Canadian Border. It only had Freshman and Sophomore classes.

This presentation was scanned on a Cannon Lide210. The images were descreened automatically and then resized and optimized. The pictures in the book were exceptional black and white.

It was scanned by volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange, Marysville WA.



Harlan Abbott Freshmen     Russell Jewett Freshmen     Janet Rasmussen Freshmen
Beryl Abel Freshmen     Vance Johnson Freshmen     Marvin Rauch Freshmen
John Adler Sophomore     LeRoy Johnston Freshmen     Norman Ray Sophomore
Francis Baer Freshmen     Bill Jones Freshmen     Monte Riley Sophomore
Herbert Balch Sophomore     Kyle King Freshmen     Keith Ritenburgh Freshmen
James Bollinger Sophomore     Jens Kloster Freshmen     Carol Robinson Freshmen
Harold Boreson Sophomore     Harry Lang Freshmen     Darro Rowland Freshmen
Harold Bruce Freshmen     Herbert Larson Freshmen     Charlotte Rowley Freshmen
Douglas Burton Sophomore     Milton Larson Sophomore     Jerry Royal Freshmen
Bonnie Campbell Freshmen     Jeanette Lauerman Freshmen     Gordon Ryberg Sophomore
James Carlson Freshmen     Claude Leavitt Freshmen     Satoru Sakuma Sophomore
Ann Coffee Sophomore     Eugene Lee Sophomore     Earl Sande Freshmen
William Cottrell Sophomore     William LeFeber Freshmen     Robert Schols Sophomore
Leona Crandall Sophomore     Hollis Lougheed Sophomore     Arlene Schroeder Freshmen
Don Cressey Sophomore     Arthur Lovelace Freshmen     John Scott Sophomore
Peggy Dedolph Freshmen     William Maberry Sophomore     Vernon Shomshak Sophomore
Arthur Dibble Freshmen     Julian MacDonald Freshmen     Albert Simaz Sophomore
Clyde Dimmick Freshmen     Marian McCormick Sophomore     Charles Slater Sophomore
Jack Drummond Sophomore     Dale McDaniel Sophomore     Darrell Small Freshmen
Richard Ebeling Freshmen     Joan McGregor Freshmen     Harold Smalley Freshmen
Owen Edler Freshmen     Roberta McKee Sophomore     Tom Smiley Freshmen
Robert Elfstrom Freshmen     William McKenzie Sophomore     George Smith Freshmen
James Elliott Freshmen     Evelyn Mitchell Freshmen     Richard Snowden Sophomore
Jack Ellison Freshmen     Jean Moen Freshmen     Harley Spraggins Freshmen
George Elves Sophomore     William Moir Sophomore     Harry Stakkestad Freshmen
David Englund Freshmen     Juanita Moonen Freshmen     Edwin Stanislawski Sophomore
Walter Enyeart Sophomore     Charles Morris Sophomore     Don Strock Freshmen
James Fahey Freshmen     Joseph Morrison Freshmen     Earl Stump Sophomore
Donald Fitch Freshmen     Jim Morse Sophomore     Seymour Stuurmans Sophomore
DeForrest Fletcher Freshmen     Lester Neal Sophomore     Marvin Swanberg Sophomore
Myman Galyean Freshmen     Sidney Neble Freshmen     Julius Templeton Freshmen
Richard Garborg Freshmen     Olga Nelson Freshmen     John Tennant Freshmen
Carol Gilbert Freshmen     Robert Nemo Sophomore     Bert Thompson Freshmen
Gene Gilbert Freshmen     Lillian Newcombe Freshmen     Floyd Thompson Freshmen
George Graebener Freshmen     Paul Norwood Freshmen     Jack Thorsen Freshmen
Stanley Greathouse Sophomore     Lois Nosworthy Freshmen     Arnold Torseth Sophomore
Jean Grover Sophomore     Marian Nystrom Sophomore     Gail Vike Freshmen
John Hall Sophomore     Paul Oakes Sophomore     Ray Volkman Freshmen
Gordon Hamstad Sophomore     Dale Ogle Freshmen     Louis Waldelich Freshmen
Alice Hansen Freshmen     Harry Parker Freshmen     Elbridge Walker Freshmen
Barbara Hartwick Freshmen     Richard Paulson Freshmen     George Wallace Sophomore
Ivan Haugen Sophomore     Melvin Pederson Freshmen     Ronald Webb Sophomore
Dolores Healey Freshmen     Myron Pederson Freshmen     Roy Wick Freshmen
Terry Hedding Sophomore     Alan Pentz Sophomore     Don Wiitala Freshmen
Barbara Henson Freshmen     robert Perkinson Sophomore     Beverlie Williamsen Sophomore
Gene Higgins Freshmen     Wilbur Peters Sophomore     Don Willis Sophomore
William Hillman Freshmen     Melvin Peth Freshmen     Robert Wise Freshmen
Jack Hinshaw Sophomore     Andy Pine Freshmen     Maynard Worst Sophomore
Don Holm Freshmen     Robert Post Sophomore     Julie Yearsley Freshmen
Mildred Holte Freshmen    

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