Bellingham Washington


The 1933 KULSHAN was published by the Senior Class of Whatcom High School.

It is a soft covered book 7 x 10 inches. It is 54 pages with 8 pages of advertisement which I have included because of the student cartoons presented on the pages. An unusual feature is the Cartooning done by Lockert and Rogers (Lockert is a member of the Kulshan staff). There are only senior portraits... mid-year and June. There are no lower class pictures. There is lots of club pictures and other activity pictures... (identified by surname only).

This book was highly signed by class mates... in pencil... no obvious owner's name although I would guess George Duke

I create keywords for class page (for the online index listings). These keywords are the names of the students and faculty whose pictures are on the page. Please take the time to check out the sports and activity pages because lots of the students were involved in these activities...

This book was scanned at 100 dpi... this won't give the best printed page but does allow for better clarity in reading the text. It was scanned by volunteers at 3rd St. Book Exchange, Marysville WA. The book is part of a FREE genealogy library that contains over 5200 yearbooks. This presentation and the scanned images are not to be duplicated without the express permission of the webmaster Exception is made for personal use of relatives pictures... (this is suppose to be FREE genealogy/history after all). Better pictures can be scanned...

Index of the 1933 Kulshan

Front cover pages
Mid Year Seniors
June Seniors

3rd St Book Exchange First Page

This book was scanned by 3rd St Book Exchange, 1615 3rd St., Marysville WA. It is intended for Free Genealogy/History Research. All Rights Reserved. @ November 2001