I over lapped the scan so instead of two shots there are three but I wanted you to see the relationship of the groups.

Rucker's tomb isn't shown on the map as this isn't a complete map.

Family buried in Evergreen Cem.
Kinda in their groups

Carrie Oien, great grandmother 1824-1911
Carrie Oien Erickson
--Carl Erickson, 1857-1937
--Clarence N Erickson, 1901-1904
--Carl O. Erickson Sr. 1864-1937
Brynie Erickson, 1830-1920
Anna Erickson, Downing
--George Downing

Nels Oien 1849-1939
Mrs. Oien, (Berit Fossom Oien) 1848-1919
Carl Oien, 1885-1918

Andrew Orien, 1880-1956
--Jessie Putney Orien, 1889-1975
Nels Oien

Christine Oien Westlund
--John Westlund
Marie Oien Mercer 1890-1982
--Harry Mercer 1889-1963

Louis Ingvald Oien 1895-1965
--Teresa McClean Oien1898-1984
Marcella Oien Cordray 1920-1964
Charles Swanson (Uncle George McClean son-in-law)

Steven Swanson (Uncle George McClean grandson)

Peter Oien 1875-1934
--Oluffa A. Oien 1876-1957

Map of Cemetery
Louis and Teresa Oien, Chuck Swanson, Stevie Swanson
Nels, Berit, Carl Oien
Carrie Oien, Anna and Carl Downing, Carl and Carrie Ericksons
Marie and Harry E. Mercer, John and Christene Westlund
Andrew and Jessie Orien, Nels Oien, Peter and Oluffa Oien