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Looking through the years

    1912 Seniors The hair bows worn by the senior girls was very popular. I have Marysville 1909 and 1910 yearbooks that feature the same type of box. The girls were still wearing the "gibson girl" hair style.

Yearbook for North & South High Schools, 1912, Bellingham WA

    1912 dressing up The Orchestra picture shows the length of dresses worn by the girls barely cleared the ankle. Some of the shoes are clearly button up boots
    A group discussion opinion was that most girls in this picture dressed up in their finest goin'-to-church clothes

Yearbook for North & South High Schools, 1912, Bellingham WA

    1919 - The War Years The ladies dresses are notably shorter and the majority of them are wearing "middie tops". The look taken from the sailor's uniform including tie. The dropped waist certainly became popular with the "flapper dresses"

Yearbook for Whatcom High School, 1919, Bellingham WA

    Mens fashion The name of this club fasinated me. But I couldn't find any real reference to what it did. It was active in many schools in Bellingham in the teens.
    This is Washington State Normal School. Look at the faces of the boys in front. I'm going to doubt they are much older that 13. They are also wearing suits with knickers.
    The guys wore suits alot. That was dress-up and casual wear for most of them. I won't be discussing mens fashion again.

Yearbook for Washington State Normal School, 1918, Bellingham WA

    1927 and theme Yearbooks have Themes. This particular on was Egyptian. In the 1920's the United States went from a farm-based to a commerce-driven society. Life was good and the guys were staying in school. The girls are wearing frilly dresses

Yearbook for Fairhaven High School, 1927, Bellingham WA

    1930 and Keeping the record The woman who owned this book kept track of her classmates and took it upon herself to list married names and spouses. She also identified group pictures. This is a bonus sometimes found with reunion committee members yearbooks.
    Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson is on this page as is Bob Humphrey. Senator Jackson spent most of his life in Congress and ran for the Presidency at one point. Bob Humphrey was a local Snohomish County historian and writer.

Yearbook for Everett High School, 1930, Everett WA

    1944, war, and lipstick Not only the the girls doing glamour shots, they are wearing lipstick. Any one of them could have been a movie starlet and they had the pinup pictures to prove it
    This is the end of the old style of books that relied on a lot of text. Yearbooks became more pictorial

Bellingham High School, 1944, Bellingham WA

1947 and older students The war was over and the guys came home and used their G.I. Bill

Yearbook for Western Washington College, 1947, Bellingham WA

    1953 and the string of pearls No set dress code for the girls and yet the majority of them worn a dark sweather and a string of pearls. The guys were breaking out of the mode of suit jacket into sports jacket.
    Candid pictorials are still being staged.

Bellingham High School, 1953, Bellingham WA

1967 and Underclassmen Starting in the 1950's by the 60's all underclassment were getting their own class portraits. Much smaller in size then the Seniors but still arranged in alphabetical order.
    This page has a picture of Darrell Burns a 1968 graduate of Cascade High School. He was entered the Army in 1969 and died 23JUN70 in Cambodia. He is honored at Faces From the Wall - Everett WA

Yearbook for Cascade High School, 1967, Everett WA

1967 and our TV Star Sports activities and the cheer leaders are an important part of any yearbook. Yes, that's Patrick Duffy of Dallas doing the high splits

Yearbook for Cascade High School, 1967, Everett WA

    1970's and big hair It was either striped bellbottoms and a plaid shirt (worn by a teacher) or the "fro's".
    Garfield High School 1974 allowed the guys to wear any sports jacket they wanted but the ladies got bare shoulders and a white boa drape. Definitely going for the glamour shot.
    The Norwegian version of the "fro"

Garfield High School, 1974, Seattle WA
Everett High School, 1973, Everett WA

    1980 and teachers No suits and no dressing up.... the teachers

Yearbook for Sehome High School, 1980 Bellingham WA

    1983 and the band Yearbooks have to have sports pictures and they have to have band and choir. I like this picture because it demonstrates the variety of style available in the 80's

Meridan High School, 1983, Bellingham WA

    1983 and cars Less text and more pictures.

Meridan High School, 1983, Bellingham WA

    1998 and Color In the late 1980's color pages started to come into use usually for the Senior Portraits. Senior Portraits started to restyle into casual "glamour" snapshots.

Bellingham High School, 1998, Bellingham WA

    1998 and Art

Bellingham High School, 1998, Bellingham WA

    1998 and Student Opinions After 50 years of "Funniest student on Campus" and biggest jock, the forum has been changed. Student opinions of the days events is very popular.
    At the bottom of this page is a short bio of a student who died during the year.

Bellingham High School, 1998, Bellingham WA

    School History Real news reporting or even the telling of class history usually isn't a part of today's yearbook. This article on the history of the school is awesome.

Bellingham High School, 1998, Bellingham WA

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