Bellingham High School
Bellingham Whatcom WA
Kulshan 1908

The 1908 Kulshan, Vol. 4, was published by the Senior Class of Bellingham High School and printed by Griggs Stationery and Printing Co., Bellingham WA.

The book is in a large format 12 x 8 inches with a paper cover. It is 137 pages with advertisements both in the front of the book and the back... (first time I've seen advertisements in front of any yearbook)

This book is a bit difficult to understand as it is a yearbook for two high schools PLUS a half year class... So there are three different Junior class presidents, three different etc. etc.) It also contains the alumni list for the three Bellingham high schools

North Side High School 1892-1907
South Side High School 1894-1906
Bellingham High School 1907 1/2-1911 1/2

As mentioned above Bellingham High School also has a half year class. The Bellingham Student Directory also contains the names of students for the lower classes (Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen). There are no pictures available for the lower classmen... however there are some identified sports pictures.

I scanned the book at 100 dpi to get the best online viewing of the pages... (this will not give a good printed page). I am using a new program Thumbnail Factory to create the Thumbnails that appear on pages 2 through 8. This program also generated (html'd) the pages that you will be viewing. Because I just used thumbnails linked to the jpeg graphic... I did not create keywords on the pages... instead I have a

Student Index

This is very important as the book contains alumni lists of 3 different high schools with over 1000 students listed. The thumbnails, 20 per page, are titled 'th_bellhs08jXX' (XX =the page number)

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Index to the 1908 Kulshan of Bellingham High School

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Student Index
Page 2 Book pages 22 through 27b Introduction and faculty list
Page 3 Book pages 27 through 45 Faculty group pictures and Senior portraits
Page 4 Book pages 46 through 65 Senior portraits and class histories
Page 5 Book pages 66 through 85 Class Histories
Page 6 Book pages 86 through 99 Sports pictures and cover
Page 7 Book pages 100 through 119 Kulshan staff and begin alumni directory
Page 8 Book pages 120 through end Alumni directory and ads

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