Henry David Sherman
1824 New Milford CT
1917 Cedar Rapids IA

This is an unpublished 84 page booklet created by Edith Sherman Averill in August 1936.
It is an original typed copy in a three ring binder

It was a treasured part of the estate of Sara Sherman, the youngest daughter of Henry David Sherman.

Placed online by Third St Book Exchange located downtown Marysville WA, as a free resource. The original remains with Ed Bartholomew, Sara's friend for the last decade of her life.

Pages 61-65

humbly pray your Hon(rs) in y(r) Clemency to order

that the remaining Confiscated estate of their

deceased Father may be granted to your memoralists

or that the same may be sold to y(r) mem(list)

under the direction of the A dm(r) on said estate

or such person as may be appointed for that purpose

at his best direction or in such was as

y(r) Hon(rs) direct and that it may please your

Hon(rs) to grant to yr Mem(list) liberty to pay for

said Estate in any or such of the publick Securities

of this State as y(r) Hon(rs) shall order

by such reasonable time as y(r) Son shall appoint

and that said Securities may be rec(d) in

payment as aforesaid at their Nominal Value, in

which way alone y(r) Mem(lists) have hope that they

may repossess s(d) estate & y(r) mem(list) are the

more encouraged to hope in y(r) Clemency as they

believe they are themselves esteem(d) Friends to

the Independence & freedom of their Country.

r rs lists And y(r) Hon(rs) Mem(list) as in duty bound. Shall

ever pray &c;

Dated at New Milford the 12th day of May, 1785.

(signed) 11
Dan Sherman
Ezra Sherman
Eli Sherman
Jotham Sherman
Sarah Sherman
Vashti Sherman

page 61

These Certifie that we the Subscribers knowing

that the above Mem(list) are of good industrious

& peaceable Behavior & Conversation and are esteem(d)

Friendly to this & ye Best of the United

States and if Consistent with the Wisdom & pleasure

of y(e) Gen Assembly Should be pleas(d) at their

Obtaining the prayer of their above memorial.

Stephen Hine.
Sam Canfield.
Philo Stilson.
Dan Everitt.
John Stilson.
Alix. Hine.
Josiah Starr.


To the Lower House - Granted that the Administrator

of said Estate Bay sell that part of s(d)

Estate which remains undisposed of to the Memoralists

at his Discretion to be paid for in any

liquidated Securities of this State for hard

money due & that Bill &c.

Test. Joshua Coit, Sec'ty.

Concurr(d) in the Upper House.
Test. George Wylls, Sec'ty.

Danll. Sherman Mem
May 1785ē

Vol. 34. Document 390.

Feb. 16, 1786. By a quit claim deed Treas. Lawrence to Daniel, Ezra, Eli, Jotham, Sarah and Vashti Sherman, all of New Milford as part of

page 61

the confiscated estate of Justin Sherman, L 300.

By balance for which account of John Chandler Esq.s to have credit in Acct. with the State -£-556. 6.0.

Total £ 356. 6.0.

Errors excepted. Feb. 16, 1786.


Both the Sherman and Botsford families were early communicants and staunch adherents of the Episcopal Church in Newtown. Most Episcopalians were Loyalists though it took courage to stand for their convictions in the face of Indignities offered them by previously kind neighbors and friends.
Susannah (Botsford) Northrop, sister of Hepsibah, Justin Shermanís wife, supported her family during the Revolutionary War by weaving on a loon and her sons served in the American Army but her neighbors disrespectfully called her "the old Tory."
Betsy, Justin oldest daughter, apparently shared his Loyalist convictions as her name does not appear in the petition for the return of his estate and the family record says that she and her sister Vashti died on their way to Nova Scotia where many Loyalists, after the Revolutionary War, received grants of land and lots in the city of St. John.

The marriage record of Justin Sherman and Hepsibah Botsford has not been found, probably because the early records of Trinity Church, Newtown, were lost.

The Rev. John Beach was Rector of that church for fifty years and died before the close of the Revolutionary War. Some years ago the church records were lent to a relative who desired to write the life of Mr. Beach; this relative, unfortunately lost the bag containing the records off a boat on which he was travelling.

page 63

Justin and Hepsibah Sherman moved from Newtown to New Milford, Ct. soon after their marriage; at least they were residents there in 1760 when Daniel their oldest son was born, as he states in the petition for the return of Justinís estate that he is a native of New Milford.

The names of Daniel Sherman and Eli Sherman appear as heads of families in New Milford in the census of 1790.
In the spring of 1795 Daniel and his family moved to Vermont and settled at Hinesburgh. Eli Sherman, younger brother, followed sometime between 1800 and 1807 and settled at Fairfield, Vt.
The two other sons of Justin and Hepsibah, Ezra and Jotham, and daughter Sarah, lived and died in New Milford.

According to Savage's Genealogical Diet. of New England, p. 217, Hepsibah (Botsford) Shermanís paternal line is as follows:

Henry Botsford came from Leicestershire, Eng. and settled in Milford, Ct., 1659. He was the progenitor of the Newtown Botsford families. He married Elizabeth ___? They had children:

i. Elnathan, bapt. Aug. 1641; m. Hannah Baldwin.
ii. Elizabeth and Mary, probably twins, bapt. May 21, 1643.
      Elizabeth m, June 27, 1665, Daníl Baldwin.
      Mary m, Jan. 8, 1668, Andrew Sanford.
iii. Hannah, bapt. Dec., 1645, m. Mch. 12, 1671, Nathaniel Baldwin.
iv. Esther, bapt. 1649, m. June 27, 1665, Nathaniel Wheeler. v. Ruth, m, John Baldwin

Henry Botsfordís will is dated Feb. 1, 1686; it is followed by an inventory, Apr. 15, same year. His will mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and his daughters, of whom Hannah was dead, leaving, the will says, four children.

Elnathan Botsford, son of Henry and Elizabeth Botsford; m. 1. Dec. 12, 1664, Elizabeth, dau. of John Fletcher.

page 64

Elizabeth, b. 1665
He m. 2. Hannah, dau. of Timotny Baldwin, Dec. 12, 1667.
Children: Esther, Samuel, Mary, Joanna, Henry Jr., Joseph, Timothy, John, Hannah, and Sarah. All of these children are mentioned in Elnathan's will of Aug. 4, 1691, excepting Joanna, which makes it seem that she has died.
Henry, Jr. in above list of children married Sarah and they were the parents of "Hephzabah" who married Justin Sherman.

XII. (6) ELI SHERMAN, son of Justin and Hepsibah(Botsford)Sherman; born, Mch. 23, 1764, at New Milford, Ct.; died, June 13, 1850, at Fairfield, Vt.; married, Nov. 27, 1788, at New Fairfield, Ct. (now town of Sherman), Polly Phelps, dau. of Lt. William and Anna(Ruggles)Phelps, who was born Aug. 25, 1770, at New Milford, Ct., and died Jan. 13, 1859, at Fairfield, Vt.

Children; first six or seven born at New Milford, Ct.; last two or three born at Fairfield, Vt.:

i. Ruggles, b. Oct. 4, 1789; d. Aug. 8, 1827; m. Cynthia Coburn.

ii. Justin II., b. Oct. 3, 1791; d. Dec. 17, 1841; m. Phoebe Main.

iii. Buel, b. Aug. 31, 1794; d. Mch. 20, 1873, m. 1., Sally Brown; 2. Nancy Brown.

iv. Stanley, b. Jan 17, 1797; d. Apr. 25, 1873; m. Nancy Beardslev.

v. Marshall, b. Apr, 15, 1799; d. Nov. 3, 1879; m. Sarah Wanzer.

vi. William Phelps, b. Oct. 4, 1801; d. Nov. 5, 1857; m. Betsy Lee.

page 65

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