Everett Washington
1925 Nesika

Pages 36 and 37
Elizabeth Davies, Ellis Murphy, Velma Davies, Helen Carlson, Robert Mortimer Frayn, Ruby Getchell, Lucille Johnson, Viola Kjelstad, George Nelson, Evaline Thompson, Ray Montgomery, Emma Kornitzer, Arthur Knapp
Pages 38 and 39
May Klopfenstein, Myra Teets, Velma Kyes, Dorothea Wahlmacher, Russell Taylor, Cecil Hults, Gladys Sharp, Roy Schlegel, Hazel Seaman, Marvin Sholberg, Annie Nelson, Edna Noyes
Pages 40 and 41
Bernice Boddy, Henry Brown, Miriam Fisher, Ethel Dykeman, Howard Burch, Florence Buck, Elizabeth Camp, Ruth Anderson, Charlotte Bergstrom, Bart Farrell, Helen Aubert, Ellen Anderson, Fred Doph
Pages 42 and 43
George Francois, Doris Fickel, Ben Franklin, Virginia Garrison, Percy Gates, Margaret Smith, Ann Donovan, Winston Brown, Lucile Hover, Sharles Shepard, Margaret Rucker, Adrian Bartholomew, Virginia Paine, Ann Donovan, Winston Brown, J. R. Armstrong
Pages 44 and 45
Verner Soley, Helen Organ, Andrew McGuinness, Maurice Thompson, Florence Thorne, Henry Leege, Concordia Lubach, Thelma McNiven, Agrill Holman, Marguerite Wagner, Verne Sievers, Francella Jackson, Dulcie Jefferson, Verna HOlmstrom, Joe Callan
Pages 46 and 47
M. L. thomas, Marjorie Revell, Mildred McChesney, Mable Sanders, Mrs. Charles Klemp, Mrs. Ab Pearson
pages 48 and 49
Bryce Wood Marion Payzant, Charles Shepard, Edith VanDerweker
Pages 50 and 51
Pages 52 and 53
McNeil, Twelves, Bolton, Agnes Ager, Ray Bolton, May Beagle, Norval Binnal, Anna Burkland, Dave Brenner, Raichle, Lillian Jorgenson
Pages 54 and 55
Alfred Beilfus, Margaret Crook, Walter Chitty, Mildred Clay, William Compau, Adelaide Dale, Morris Dale, Willard Davis, Will De Neff, Roy Erickson, Nellie Fortson, Howard Faller

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