Everett Washington
1925 Nesika

Pages 76 and 77
Clarence Dailey, Geary, Calhoun
Pages 78 and 79
Pages 80 and 81
Miriam Fischer, Harry White, Evelyn Craw
Pages 82 and 83
Pages 84 and 85
Allison Lloyd, Lawrence Walton, Fletcher Lake
Pages 86 and 87
Pages 88 and 89
Dorothy Ariss, Leo B. Baisden, Paul Billeter, Edna Bowman, Jeanne Flaconer Caithness, C. E. Calhoun, Isabelle Carlisle, Gladys Chappelle, Opal Collins, G. C. Countryman, Catherine Crayton, William Dorgan, Helen Darrough, Flora Edwards, Clara Everton, E. P. Fait, Pansy Hutchinson, L. A. Jacobson
Pages 90 and 91
Roscoe Jenkins, Hunter, Fannie Johnson, M. J. Gnagy, H. B. Jory, Hannah Jones, Nell Kantner, Jay Kempkes, Margaret Mason, J. C. McClanahan, Margaret McCowan, Fred McGinnis, Gold E. Mudgett, J. H. Morgan, Grace Polly Newton, David Ohlson, Frank Overfield, Flora Parsons, Ida Payzant, Irma Pelz, Agnes Pheney, Imogene Platt, J. M. Robb, G. S. Rose, Esther Sather, Harriett Scroggs, Ethel Shave, Clifford Sheldon, C. D. Stewart, L. Stenshoel, Anna Sturgeon, Jane Taylor, Donald Thompson, Bert Vanderwilt, N. S. Walther, R. P. Wood, Mable Zimmerman
Pages 92 and 93
Pages 94 and 95
Pages 96 and 97
Ann Donovan, Winston Brown, Leslie Bitney, Thelma McNiven, John Ramstad, Margaret Rucker, Durfee Day, Fritz Knaak, Cornelia Thayer, Kathryn Ragsdale, Beryl Wilson
Pages 98 and 99
Kathryn Ragsdale, Winston Brown, Charlotte Bergstrom, Marion Payzant, Bryce Wood, Adrian Bartholomew
pages 100 and 101
Ann Donovan, Durfee Day, Beatrice Walsh, Beryl Wilson, Margaret Rucker, Roy Schlegel, Vesta Larson, Bernard Geary, Charles Shepard, Marian Shaw, Donald Van Winkle, Edith Van Derwerker, Elizabeth Gable, Clarence Docka, Thelma McNiven, Hugh McGuinness, June Sievers, Ray Bolton, Anne Sorenson, Robert Mony
Pages 102 and 103
Pages 104 and 105
Vanderwilt, Kempkes, Geary
Pages 106 and 107
Mounger, Westover

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