Everett Washington
1925 Nesika

Pages 56 and 57
Alfred Beilfus, Margaret Crook, Walter Chitty, Mildred Clay, William Compau, Adelaide Dale, Morris Dale, Willard Davis, Will De Neff, Roy Erickson, Nellie Fortson, Howard Faller
Pages 58 and 59
Margaret Graham, Dorothy Grundy, Harold Guttormsen, Ella Husted, WAshburn Hall, Harold Isaksen, Bertha Jackson, Art Greene, Ernest Johnson, Kenneth Junge, Martha Kristwick, Lawrence Kilborn, Claribel Keezer,
Pages 60 and 61
Vivian Keenan, Jospeh Leonard, Beulah Laughton, Harold Lenahan, Marie Levers, Sue Lyke, Catherine McDonald, Gordon McNeil, Maida McLeod, Robert McChesney, Agnes Noyes, Elsie Norred
Pages 62 and 63
Raphael Oczkewecz, May Ohlhoff, Harold Olsen, Ethel Oas, Amy Paul, Marie peck, Helen Perin, Anna Peterson, Vivian Powell, Theodore Renkert, Florence Ronken, Neva Ruppel, Arne Jensen, Perry Porter, Refling
Pages 64 and 65
Richard Stone, Iva Stonehouse, Chester Swanson, Christine Sutherland, Alton Swenson, Gladys Svenson, Mildred Sessions, Alvin Sholberg, Gwendolyn Shakespeare, Herbert Smith, Lydia Solie, Hilda Stormo
Pages 66 and 67
Viola Sovde, Charles Twelves, Irene Tichacek, Bernard H. Weber, Dora Weinstein, Flossie Whitney, John Holberg, Cliff Hall
pages 68 and 69
Raymond Bolton, Vivian Powell, Charles Twelves, Reva Ruppel
Pages 70 and 71
Pages 72 and 73
Pages 74 and 75

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