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I have 100,000 books mostly mass market with a large science fiction and western collection.

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Faces From the Wall

Influenced by several things I began a project in November 2002 to place faces to the names of the Washington State Men who died in the Vietnam War and whose names are on the Memorial Wall. This project has expanded from just Washington State to Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. It is an active project.

Visit Faces From the Wall


County History and Genealogy

Skagit County USGenWeb
Yearbooks on-line:
scanned yearbooks 1898-1962
Genealogy Library Catalog: Yearbook and History
Elaine's collection of pictures
Grim & Bednar Genealogy Newsletter



The Botlog 1929
Bothell High School, Bothell, Washington

Viking 1940
North Kitsap High School, Poulsbo, Washington

Quil Ceda 1940
Marysville High School, Marysville, Washington

Quil Ceda 1942
Marysville High School, Marysville, Washington

Cascadian 1950
Skagit Valley Junior College, Mt. Vernon, Washington

Fighting Men of Illinois
An Illustrated Historical Biography
Compiled from Private and Public Authentic Records
Click to view The INDEX


History of Snohomish County Washington Volume II - This is a 799 page book and I have two webpages up including the index pages for the book. New Year's Day 2009 and a good start. Unindexed
Presentation pages 501 - 600
Presentation pages 601 - 700
Presentation pages 701 - 799


History of the American Negro in the Great World War
His Splendid Record in the Battle zones of Europe including a resume of his past services to his country in the wars of The Revolution of 1812, The War of the Rebellion, The Indian Wars on the Frontier, The Spanish American War, and the late Imbroglio with Mexico. Lots of pictures. No Index yet.
Placed online December 2008

Great World War Service Roster
Berks Patriotic Order Sons of America, (Berks County PA), lists the names of men who belonged to the organization that fought in WWI. No pictures. Identifies those killed in action, were wounded, died in service, died in camp. No Index yet.
Placed online November 2008

Minidoka Relocation Center
located in Hunt, Idaho.
published by the residents for 1942-1943. No index. Placed online Oct 2008

Sons of the American Revolution
The Register of the Washington State Society - 17 Jun 1895 to 19 Apr 1916...
published by The Washington State Society the complete book scanned (2007) with index. Placed online Mar 2008


Territorial and State by Edmond S. Meany... the complete book scanned and placed online April 2007

Cemetery Records burials at Evergreen Cemetery, Everett WA ... scanned and placed online Mar 2007
Reunion Remembrance placed online May 2009



Everett's WWII Warriors
1499 clipped newspaper clippings from the Everett Herald (began November 2005 finished July 2006)


Washington High School, Portland Oregon Yearbook
January 1925
June 1925
Placed online October 2005

Sara Sherman
on Orcas Island lived quite a life.
This is the first part of webpages dedicated to her and her families life. Placed online July 2005

With the Colors from Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan counties 1917, 1918, and 1919. Washington U.S.A.
Compiled and Published by Louis Jacobin. Copyright, 1921 from the Press of Peters Publishing Company Seattle, Washington 1921. It is a listing the young men who served in World War I from Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan counties. It contains pictures and short biographies. Placed online June 2005

World War II Veterans
A Tribute to the Men and Women from Marysville who served in WWII Placed online May 2005
An Independent Snohomish County Website.
It contains different databases that I have created over the last 9 years relating to Marysville, Everett, and Snohomish County.

Placed online February 2005


UW remembers their Warrior Alumni
I scanned 44 pages from the Tyee yearbook, University of Washington, 1919, Seattle WA. These pages include a list of University Alumni who died in service during WW1. Also included are snap shots and articles about the men and women who returned. It is one of two WW1 projects that I have finished in September 2004.

Vermont in the World War
I purchase this book to place it online but was disappointed to find that this 700 page book was mostly War history and not the bios and pictures I was expecting. I scanned over 70 pages that contained list of Vermont men who served in the war, were killed in the war, or received medals. I ended up with an index of over 3800 names.
Scanned Images
Index pages
This website is one of two WW1 projects that I have finished in September 2004

What I know about Yearbooks (with lots of pictures)
In 2004 I spoke at several local societies about yearbooks and what I've learned over the past 16 years. I placed online 52 images from my yearbook collection along with my talk... OK... my talk is pictorial. Placed online 7 Oct 2004

Mt Vernon High School Yearbooks
I've placed all of the 1935 Mt Vernon High School yearbook on line and the senior and teacher portions of 3 others. There is an combined index for all 4 books.
Combined Index
1928 All
1931 (partial)
1932 (partial)
1935 All
Placed online September 2004

Yale University 1909
Nearly 300 pages of the History of Class of 1909: 5th Year Reunion Book. Approximately 350 graduates and non graduates of Yale University report on the previous years between graduation in 1909 and 1915.

A - C
pgs 24-73
C - H
pgs 74 - 131
H - M
pgs 132 - 191
N - S
pgs 192 - 249
S - Z
pgs 250 - 291

Marysville Globe Extraction
it's an extraction of all sorts of different events and historical articles for Marysville WA
an on going work.


THE FIRE Erin and Jason's
wedding Pictures

Dustin Mail lady, black lab, and me Story. Motorcycle Pages

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